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January 02, 2019

CRM Featured Articles

VanillaSoft Enhances Geographical Information System 

Enhancements aim to make sales appointment planning more efficient.

SAP Announces Enterprise Information Management Updates

The updates aim to reduce the complexity of managing data.

Magazine Features

To Market Events, Make Them Memorable

It's important for attendees to remember the company, and for the company to remember attendees


How AI Will Transform the Customer Service Agent Workforce

Contact center automation will pave the way for several new types of agents. (Featured on

How to Choose the Best Sales Process for Your Business

There is no pipeline panacea or one-size-fits-all solution. To decide what sales process is right for you, trust your knowledge and your data.

CRM Across the Wire

Lead Liaison and Avery to Complement Event Lead Capture Solution

A relationship with Avery allows Lead Liaison users to create and print badges at events.

NetFactor Solution Integrates Bombora’s B2B Intent Data with Visitortrack’s Anonymous Website Visitor Details

NetFactor's new solution lets companies harness more predictive marketing capabilities.

ActiveCampaign Launches Conversations Communication Platform

ActiveCampaign's new conversational platform offers chat and email.

Accenture to Acquire Knowledgent

Accenture's acquisition of Knowledgent will amplify capabilities around data-powered business intelligence.

OpenText Integrates HighTail and Media Management

The integrations allow marketing teams to collaborate in the cloud.

Unmetric Adds Instagram Impressions and Reach to Analyze

Unmetric's new analytics product enables social media analysts to estimate impressions & reach of Instagram posts and track and benchmark Instagram campaign performance.