• January 2, 2019

Lead Liaison and Avery to Complement Event Lead Capture Solution

Lead Liaison has partnered with Avery, a manufacturer of labels and badges, allowing event managers to register, check in, and create badges for event attendees right from within GoExhibit, an event lead management solution that Lead Liaison launched in October 2017.

GoExhibit! provides an end-to-end event lead management solution. Companies can use GoExhibit! to manage all pre-event communication, capture leads onsite, instantly sync data, and trigger post-event follow-up. Badges can be created individually or in groups.

"We are excited to work with Lead Liaison," said Avery's customer success manager, Brenda Dillon, in a statement. "This is a perfect use case for Avery labels and badges. We are excited about the opportunity to further support businesses running their own marketing events. Lead Liaison automates the clerical work and helps put the final solution in the hands of the customer faster and more efficiently."

"Integrating Avery's badge-making software was the right move for our customers. Instead of forking out $50,000 to other lead retrieval companies, we give show providers or companies wanting to run their own marketing event a do-it-yourself, or DIY, event setup. Avery's badge capabilities are the perfect complement to our check-in, registration, and our barcode scanning app," said Lead Liaison's customer success manager, Ryan Schefke, in a statement.

Lead Liaison has also updated GoExhibit! with advances in customization, event creation workflow, enterprise-level ROI reporting, registration, check-in, Windows support, and more.

The enhancements allow companies to customize the lead capture experience with brand colors, logos, other custom content, such as explainer videos or maps. Furthermore, GoExhibit! now provides enterprise-level reporting. The Events Dashboard allows users to track events and measure ROI. Example data points include average cost per lead (CPL), revenue generated, return on investment, post-event engagement activity, and more.

GoExhibit! integrates with all major CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, analytics solutions, and lead retrieval providers.

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