SAP Announces Enterprise Information Management Updates

SAP today announced a number of updates to its enterprise information management (EIM) product portfolio with the goal of reducing the complexity associated with managing data.

First up is the SAP Master Data Governance product, which runs on SAP S/4HANA 1809. It now provides master data quality management, allowing users to manage rules creation, conduct data quality analysis, and resolve any issues that are found. Additionally, new master data and data enrichment services offered as part of the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite allow existing master data to bring in additional data, reducing the risk of errors associated with manual data creation.

“[The Master Data Governance Product is] now being offered on the SAP cloud service, so master-data-as-a-service and data-enrichment-as-a-service are now offered through the cloud platform integration suite; they’re being delivered through the cloud platform integration suite. This gives our customers another option of how they want to consume those capabilities, and allows for subscription pricing, which makes it more available to more organizations at a more reasonable cost,” explains Lisa Spagnolie, senior director of product marketing for data integration and enterprise architecture at SAP.

The next update sees expanded connectivity between SAP’s Data Hub 2.3 data orchestration solution and a number of its EIM solutions. More specifically, it offers dedicated connections from any SAP Data Services data source to provision data for distributed processing. Additionally, it provides increased connectivity between SAP Data Hub, SAP Agile Data Preparation, and SAP Information Steward, allowing users to access data repositories.

“Our products from EIM are able to integrate with the Data Hub, so whether it’s Data Services or Agile Data Preparation or Information Steward, you can leverage those investments that you’ve made or that you may be making now to work directly with the Data Hub. It enhances the value of the Data Hub and it also leverages the data investments that you’ve already made,” Spagnolie says.

Finally, the SAP EIM products HANA Smart Data Integration, HANA Smart Data Quality, and Agile Data Preparation can use data anonymization and column encryption capabilities in SAP HANA. Additionally, HANA Smart Data Integration is now available as part of the company’s Cloud Platform Integration Suite.

“Now those EIM products that are on the HANA platform can take advantage of some of the data protection capabilities around anonymization and column encryption. It’s really about that next level of trust in your data,” Spagnolie says. “Beyond just being able to have this additional data protection, we now have the smart data integration product available on the cloud as well, delivered through the cloud platform integration suite giving people not only more trust in the data, but more options in how they can use these capabilities.”

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