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July 20, 2016

CRM Featured Articles

Zendesk Launches Automatic Answers for Contact Centers

Zendesk Automatic Answers is powered by machine learning to help customers solve their inquiries without having to go through contact center agents. (Featured on


Where Does Service End and Marketing Begin?

Is it time to admit that marketing is going to be the major player in making contact center strategy over the next 10 years? It is, and it's already happening. (Featured on

4 Steps for Implementing Your CRM Plan Today

Struggling to get your CRM ideas off the ground? Here's a game plan to help you put your valuable CRM ideas to work.

Case Studies

Nuance’s Nina Adds a Human Touch to Swedbank’s Customer Service

The multinational bank's conversational virtual assistant resolves 78 percent of queries on first contact

Small Biz Buzz

Three Customer Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2016 (and Beyond)

Better service, experiences, and intelligence can mean the difference between getting ahead and stalling

CRM Across the Wire

LivePerson Partners with GoDaddy

LivePerson is bringing its messaging solutions to GoDaddy business users.

MarcomCentral Integrates with Lumentus Social

MarcomCentral's integration with Lumentus Social seeks to help companies grow their social networks while maintaining brand control.

Nuix Partners with Teradata for Business Analytics

The Nuix-Teradata partnership seeks to unlock unstructured "dark data" for investigative business analytics.

NetHunt CRM Launches

NetHunt CRM works inside Gmail and other Google Apps.

TinderBox Rebrands as Octiv

Octiv's new platform streamlines workflows that better connect data, processes, and people.

Tencent and DHgate to Collaborate on Social Selling Platform

The collaboration between Chinese firms Tencent and DHgate will yield, among other things, a cross-border CRM system.