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May 16, 2016

CRM Featured Articles

ICMI Research Finds Contact Centers Lack Language Skills

Most contact centers can't handle contacts that fall outside their primary languages. (Featured on

At Contact Center Expo, Speakers Stress Standing Out

Customer service has to be unique to be effective. (Featured on

Marketo Summit 2016: Marketo Releases Platform Upgrade for 'Tomorrow's Marketer'

Project Orion aims to give companies the tools for interacting with customers at every step of their journey. Launches Marketing Cloud Lightning at its Connections Conference

At its annual digital marketing event, Salesforce releases mobile, email, and advertising tools to power more personalized customer interactions.

Deliver World-Class Service: Lessons from the Mouse [Q&A with Dennis Snow]

The former Disney leadership team member urges organizations to focus on improving their customer experiences. (Featured on

Magazine Features

11 Ways to Make Sales Training Stick

How to ensure that your organization sees tangible, ongoing payoffs from its coaching initiatives


Transform Sales Presentations Into Sharable Content

It's no longer one and done—a presentation management platform enables reps to access all of a firm's presentation content, past and present, for on-the-spot demos.

4 Ways Analytics Can Transform Your Contact Center

Analytics can improve routing, efficiency, and performance of contact centers of all types and sizes. (Featured on

The Tipping Point

Most People Prefer Human Interactions in Customer Service

Consumers want a blend of channels, and not just the digital ones

CRM Across the Wire

Aspect Releases Mila, a WFO Virtual Assistant

Aspect Mila is a chatbot to help users access the Aspect EQ Workforce Optimization suite. (Featured on

Zendesk Launches an SMS Channel

With Zendesk SMS, companies can send and receive text messages through Zendesk. (Featured on

GI Insight Launches GI Campaign

GI Insight's GI Campaign marketing platform helps companies capture and act on real-time customer behavioral data.

Acxiom Launches Acxiom Marketing Analytics Environment

Acxiom's connected, closed-loop solution measures marketing's impact on sales.

Adobe Adds Ad Tech Performance to Marketing Cloud

New capabilities include dynamic content optimization, vdeo, mobile, and location data.

Geofeedia Launches Geofeedia Ads for Marketing

Geofeedia leverages geo-tagged data to target ads in social media based on consumers' locations.