• May 13, 2016

GI Insight Launches GI Campaign

GI Insight has introduced GI Campaign, a new marketing platform that enables users to identify and capture customer behavior, segment customers into behavioral groups, deliver personalized messages for each customer, and automatically set up programmatic communications that activate email messages in real time triggered by customer action.

In fact, GI Campaign can activate targeted communications through email, postal mail, permission-based telephone, text, and other channels.

GI Campaign integrates with existing customer database applications, whether CRM systems, relational databases, loyalty systems, and more. GI Campaign can also return results to existing customer management systems to update customer information and insight.

GI Campaign also offers unique capabilities to link into a company SCV databases of customer intelligence.

With GI Campaign, companies can do the following:

  • Plan and deploy one-off, recurring, or triggered campaigns across multimedia platforms;
  • Integrate with third-party platforms (Email providers, SCV, CRM, Loyalty, etc.)
  • Use an embedded product recommendation engine to remarket, upsell, cross-sell or activate visitors into actual purchasers; and
  • use built-in real-time marketing reporting to demonstrate true campaign ROI.

"The market has been crying out for a solution that easily links to existing customer management applications, while adding powerful capabilities to rapidly implement intelligent product recommendation strategies," said Mark Wilding, digital director at GI Insight, in a statement. "Online and offline, customers are coming to expect marketing communications properly tailored to their individual profile and behavior.  The closer one can get, the better the commercial results and the more likely the customer is to stay loyal and profitable."

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