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October 06, 2014

CRM Featured Articles

Is Your Customer Engagement in Sync with the Digital Disruption?

The convergence of technology shifts means looking at users based on their digital proficiency. (Featured on

Magazine Features

Interactive Video Breathes New Life into Online Advertising

Traditional linear content is out; personalized dynamic content is in.


9 Analytics Myths That Keep Customer Data Locked in the Server Closet

Despite widespread interest in advanced contact center technology, many companies hesitate to deploy analytic solutions. Here are some reasons such fears should be put to rest. (Featured on

The Need to Provide a Zero-Defect Customer Experience

Three key guidelines for offering superior retail service.

The Tipping Point

How to Grow Customer Trust

Align actions with purpose to transform your business.

CRM Across the Wire

Nimble Launches New Chrome Smart Contacts App

Nimble Smart Contacts adds relationship insights to browsers, Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, and

Sendible Launches Sendible 360 Social Media Platform

Sendible 360 simplifies social media interactions for businesses. Delivers for Retail

Innovations in for Retail include new pay-as-you-go pricing, reporting tools, and e-commerce integrations.

Maximizer Launches Maximizer CRM 2015

New version offers several deployment options, easier integrations, and tighter security.

Act-On Software Partners with Ifbyphone to Merge Marketing Automation with Call Tracking

The integration of Ifbyphone's call conversion analytics with Act-On's marketing automation platform helps marketers optimize lead generation, analysis, and scoring.

Intelliverse Launches Hot Transfer Feature for Managed Lead Generation

New solution accelerates sales opportunities by immediately transferring the hottest leads to salespeople.