• October 2, 2014

Maximizer Launches Maximizer CRM 2015

Maximizer Software, a provider of CRM solutions, has launched Maximizer CRM 2015.

The new version offers several deployment options, including on-premises, public cloud, and private cloud. Users can migrate from one deployment option to another at any time without losing valuable customer interaction data contained in notes and tasks. Full data integrity is maintained across any change in platform.

Mobility remains a critical feature, and Web-accessible, cloud, and subscription-based implementations of the new platform enable users to tap into all customer data wherever and whenever necessary and update information in real time.

Users can also customize the software so that its dashboard, features, workflow, and reporting functions fit their business requirements and processes.

Maximizer also revamped the solution so that integration with other systems, such as marketing, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and human resources software, is easier to configure. Pre-built Excel report templates simplify the output of address book, customer service, opportunity, and campaign reports.

Anti-spam functionality helps ensure companies adhere to increasingly stringent anti-spam legislation through email permission rules and preference management. Users can then ensure they are compliant across North America and Canada, where stricter new laws have already been put in place.

Key fields enhancements allow users to add group titles and sub-groups, link to social media accounts, hide blank key fields, as well as easily insert, view and edit key field and user-defined field descriptions. This improves the ability of users to directly customise the interface to meet their needs, thus further ensuring Maximizer CRM fits their workflow

Audit trails enable users to track changes to the database, showing what amendments have been made, when each one was made, and who made it via HTML audit reports that can be exported to Excel for further analysis and archiving.

"We aim to empower our users rather than bind them with a proscriptive solution. We are giving them the flexibility to customize their CRM, integrate it with other systems, scale it up and down, output reports without having to add costly bolt-on applications, and operate across a number of markets in different languages. They can also configure their CRM platform the way they want it," said Mike Richardson, managing director of Maximizer Software EMEA, in a statement. "Because the data is fully transferrable, no company is locked into a single CRM configuration forever, and so any big change in the type of CRM technology your business uses is pain-free."

"Subscription as a business model is growing exponentially within the software world. Maximizer has been diligently working behind the scenes to deliver our award-winning CRM functionality over a cloud platform," Vivek Thomas, president of Maximizer Software, said in a statement. "With more than 15 percent of our customers currently using our cloud solution, and a CAGR of 100 percent over the last few years, we decided to introduce a model that provides customers the flexibility to choose either on-premises/cloud deployment with the ability to migrate either way whenever they like."

Maximizer will introduce subscription licensing for all new customers with the launch of Maximizer CRM 2015. Existing customers can choose to remain on perpetual licensing indefinitely.

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