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April 18, 2022

CRM Featured Articles

Usability Challenges Salesforce's CRM Dominance

As companies shift focus to ease of use, Salesforce failed to make the leaders list in Nucleus' CRM Value Matrix for the first time in more than a decade.


All Marketing Should Be Like Developer Marketing

Making your product or service the solution to their problem works with the development community. Why isn't this authentic and informative approach applied to all types of marketing?

Tips for Unlocking Chatbots' Full Potential with Automation

Automation-enabled chatbots can help organizations deliver the superior level of service customers expect in our digital era. (Featured on


The Metaverse Won’t Be as Forgiving as Web 2.0

Customer experience leaders need to figure out their place in the metaverse economy.

CRM Across the Wire

Nextech AR Launches Nextech Metaverse Suite

The Nextech Metaverse Suite is an integration of Nextech AR's 3D and AR SaaS offerings in one portal.

ON24 Introduces ON24 Forums

ON24 Forums lets companies offer moderated, branded, and interactive discussions.

UJET Launches Certified Delivery Partner Program

Quantiphi has become the first UJET Certified Delivery Partner.

NICE Partners with Deutsche Telekom

NICE and Deutsche Telekom Global Business partner to bring CXone to companies across Europe.

UserTesting Adds Customized AI-Powered Insights

UserTesting's new Fuel Cycle integration enables organizations to capture more context from their known community members.

Sendbird Launches Chat v4 and UIKit v3

Sendbird's latest apps help developers build and deploy chat applications faster and on more platforms.