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August 2013

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The 2013 CRM Influential Leaders

The 2013 CRM Rising Stars

The 2013 CRM Market Leaders

The 2013 CRM Elite

Front Office

Don't Fall Into the Tactical Trap

Graduating from tactical thinking to strategic thinking requires changes in your organization's people, processes, and technologies.

Reality Check

The Black Hole of Customer Surveys

Don't ask for feedback if you're not going to act on it.

The Tipping Point

What's Wrong with Your Sales Process?

Narrow the gap between goals and expectations with agile selling.


Expect the Unexpected from Customer Experience

For true results, try, try, and try again.

Giving CE a Seat at the Table

Companies have empty pockets when it comes to fixing what's broken.

Pint of View

Giving Small CRM Players Due Credit

CRM's reality contest, and why you should pay attention.

Voice of the Customer

Seven CX Jobs to Watch

Is there a place for you in this growing field?


B2B Marketers Must Tackle Expanding Roles

New responsibilities extend beyond their original skill sets and training.

Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace

The customer holds all the answers.

Collaboration Makes Good Sales Great

World-class organizations leverage teamwork to be more successful.

How to Beat Showrooming

Retailers don't have to feel powerless against the Internet.

Making the Most of Social Media

Nike is the most "socially devoted" U.S. brand.

The Five Most Irritating Customer Service Statements

Research uncovers the phrases most hated by callers to customer service.

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