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April 2023

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CRM Special Report: Vertical Markets Spotlight

A roundup of the CRM innovation taking place in eight industry verticals.

CRM in Financial Services: Vertical Markets Spotlight

Data is the key to addressing new threats to traditional banking and investment relationships.

CRM in Government: Vertical Markets Spotlight

A vastly different vertical still depends on data.

CRM in Healthcare: Vertical Markets Spotlight

CRM helps medical providers maintain and grow their patient pools.

CRM in Manufacturing: Vertical Markets Spotlight

Manufacturers finally start to embrace CRM.

CRM in Nonprofits: Vertical Markets Spotlight

Charities need CRM to streamline operations and build trust.

CRM in Retail/E-Commerce: Vertical Markets Spotlight

CRM helps merchants and customers in tough economic times.

CRM in Technology: Vertical Markets Spotlight

Tech companies tend to push CRM to the limit.

CRM in Travel/Hospitality: Vertical Markets Spotlight

Better bookings can come in with CRM systems.

Front Office

Across CRM Industry Verticals, There’s More That Unites Than Divides

One commonality: All eight industry verticals are investing heavily in CRM initiatives right now.

Reality Check

The CRM ‘Red Zone’ Challenge

Instead of focusing on more opportunities going into the funnel, emphasize contracts coming out of it.


ChatGPT: Looking Beyond the Hype

Companies need to start asking and answering questions now about their plans for AI

End Notes

Companies, You Have to Invest in Your Agents

The humanless contact center is not happening. People matter.

Customer Experience

Generative AI’s Use Cases Are Already Emerging

ChatGPT has lit up imaginations, but the underlying technology is more than a shiny object.

Voice of the Customer

How Your Company Can Keep Up With Customer Demands

Becoming more adaptable can be a big advantage.


Alignment Is Critical to Improving CX

Growth and value also increase when functions are aligned, Forrester says.

Branding, Like Making Brandy, Is an Art and Science

Assemblage blends elements and contexts to create meaning.

CRM to Be a $96.4 Billion Business by 2027

Spending will increase as companies expand their customer experience focus.

Sellers Need Additional Support Today

As sales budgets rise, so do seller expectations, Gartner finds.

Social Media, Customer Service Top In-Demand Skills

LinkedIn uncovers the skills that are most valuable to companies right now.


Stripers Hit a Home Run with Factoreal

The Minor League Baseball team boosts attendance and sales with email marketing.

ZS Generates Data and Leads with ON24

ON24's digital tools become the consulting firm's number-one source of leads.

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