CRM Special Report: Vertical Markets Spotlight

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In recent years the business world has seen a whole lot of disruption, both the constructive kind (the cloud, mobile computing, artificial intelligence) and the damaging kind (the pandemic, broken supply chains, inflation). The result of these disruptive conditions: Customers have more clout, and they also need more care and attention. The need for industries of all kinds to have 360-degree views of their customers and clients has never been greater, and that’s where CRM comes in. Our Vertical Markets Spotlight shows the range of CRM’s impact and use cases, from healthcare CRM systems providing proactive outreach so patients can receive prevention and self-care information; to travel/hospitality systems personalizing guest interactions and boosting guest loyalty; to financial services CRM helping firms tailor offers and give guidance during economic uncertainty. Click on the categories below to see what’s happening with CRM in eight important industries.

CRM in Financial Services

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CRM in Healthcare

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