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January 2009

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The Google-ization of CRM

In the rush toward cloud computing, the company that began as a mere search engine is rapidly becoming the go-to source for low- and no-cost office productivity software. Handling customer information, though, requires special attention.

The Feedback Funnel

Properly harnessed, customer feedback can help companies forge a competitive advantage. But with feedback pouring in from all directions, companies are struggling just to keep up.

Email: What’s Inside?

There are several layers to effective email messaging. Delivery is the first one, but getting customers to open and act on emails is what matters.

Shake Your Moneymakers

Here are three areas in which technology can help your organization sell better.

Front Office

Hey! You! Get Onto My Cloud!

Google doesn't want its name to be only synonymous with search.

Reality Check

Taming the Digital Client in 2009

Technology will pave the way to customer focus and cost-efficiency.

Customer Centricity

Neuromarketing Isn’t Marketing

Focus on the customer's heart, not his head.

The Tipping Point

Give Customers What They Don’t Expect

Raise the bar, instead of falling short of it.


Life in the Fast Lane of Context

Providing an experience requires a better understanding of your customers.

Pint of View

Holiday Revisits

I hope you kept that list of New Year's resolutions…


The Shots Heard ’Round the World

A turbulent economy is driving some on-demand vendors to reduce fees. Is a price war looming in software-as-a-service?

30,000-Foot Views of the Cloud

A few insights on the subject from various thought leaders.

Stuffing the Ballot Box—With Complaints

Will the Election Day success of the CNN InfoVoter hotline change the game for governments and CRM?

The Marketing Line for ’09

Having already endured nearly two years of economic decline, a bleak forecast means marketers are in for a bumpy year.

Market Focus: Insurance—Technology Helps Insurance Weather the Storm

The industry knows how to write policies, but can it create efficient policies for its own business processes?

Required Reading: The Ne(x)t Generation

In "Grown Up Digital," author Don Tapscott revisits the kids who grew up on technology and the Internet.

CRM on Twitter: January 2009

Cloud computing gets the Twitter treatment.

Feedback: January 2009

Readers talk about home agents, new consultants, and business architects.


Lead Sweet Lead

A Realtor discovers that as one door (fore)closes, another might not open.

Incentives at the Speed of Lightpath

Sales compensation helps a communications provider close deals more quickly.

Sales Contentment for Content Management

Monk Development gets a handle on its sales process and pipeline.

A Worthwhile Excursion into Call Recording

A not-for-profit educational traveling company boosts customer service with CallCopy's recording solution.

Secret of My Success

Music in the Key of Savings

Yamaha cuts down on its paper trail and customer-correspondence time with an electronic-signature tool.


Tech Solution: Web Self-Service

Business Problem: Customer service representatives are overburdened handling basic inquiries.

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