Kred Owner Acquires Social Analytics Company Swaylo

(NEW YORK) At Wednesday's influencer summit hosted by marketing social analytics provider PeopleBrowsr, CEO Jodee Rich outlined a number of changes and updates to its social and community influencer platform Kred, not the least of which is its acquisition of Swaylo—a platform that provides a way to weigh "social capital" depending on the connections one has on social networks.

This has culminated into the launch of Kred for Facebook, which lets users uncover "who are the people who are paying attention to you," according to Sabrina Riddle, chief strategy officer for PeopleBrowsr, who joined the company from Swaylo. The new tie to Facebook, which acquired Swaylo's creator, Threadsy, last August, opens up doors for Kred to analyze, through its new product, Kred for Brands, any Facebook fan page for a company and its competitors to measure spikes in consumer sentiment to determine which campaigns are gaining traction and for what.

"The next generation of networking is, 'How do you pick the gold out of your existing networks?' and figure out what those people and connections can do for you," Rich said. To answer that question, the company is launching KredNet, designed to help users leverage all of the influencers across their networks. It will be available in 60 days. An enterprise version of KredNet is expected to be rolled out during the second quarter. As Rich pointed out, messages themselves on social networks and in communities hold valuable data, like how many connections clicked on a link or shared the post with their networks, which will be measurable now through message graph intelligence.

One of the common arguments around the work "social influence" providers such as Kred and competitor Klout do, is that companies that keep "score" on those they market and sell to may, hypothetically, miss out on valuable measures of influence that aren't socially based. According to Rich, Kred answered this question when it launched Kred Story nine months ago, "which was the first manifestation of 'What interesting things can you do with score?' because score in itself is not what this is about…. This is about changing human behavior by giving humans, enterprise, and business really interesting insights."

Using Kred for Brands, a company can see "influence metrics," Riddle says, such as how its fans stack up against a general Facebook audience. According to Travis Wallis, Kred's vice president of platform, Kred's point of differentiation is that it actually gives marketers the data it's analyzing to create hypertargeted campaigns. "We say we're in the business of finding insights about fuzzy data and turning it into increased ROI," Rich added, such as the 10,000 "shares" and 10 million impressions Kred guarantees customers running social campaigns using its data.

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