• May 22, 2012
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Thunderhead.com Launches its First Cloud App

Thunderhead.com, a customer experience management company, only last week launched its cloud-based ONE platform to help businesses deliver highly personalized, relevant, and engaging experiences across all digital devices and channels. This week it launched its first application on that platform, ONE Correspond for Salesforce, which it released on Salesforce.com's AppExchange.

ONE Correspond for Salesforce delivers enterprise-class customer experience management and enables users to create highly personalized communications across multiple customer touch points. It creates opportunities for innovation in customer interactions and real-time business processes, and drives enterprise mobility through its support for tablet devices.  

Users can engage with their customers and prospects at any stage in the sales process, creating relevant, personalized proposals, quotes, and correspondence. In addition, users can provide increased levels of service through real-time servicing communications and notifications.

Key features of the ONE Correspond for Salesforce app include the following: 

  • Built-in template editor, enabling dynamic selection of content, branding, styling, layout, and channels;
  • A searchable library of shared paragraphs that can be added to templates and draft documents;
  • A plug-in draft document editor for all communication types, including email and PDFs;
  • A business user-friendly module for building data models that integrate directly with both the template and draft editor modules;
  • The ability to save and retrieve in-progress draft communications, including email; and
  • Integration with Salesforce Chatter, enabling social collaboration on outbound communications

"ONE Correspond for Salesforce represents the next generation in enterprise-class customer experience management," said Glen Manchester, CEO of Thunderhead.com, in a statement. "ONE is transformative, opening up new possibilities for deepening customer and business relationships through real-time interactions and hyper-personalization across all customer touch points. ONE Correspond for Salesforce is our first step in bringing the power of the entire Thunderhead.com proposition to the social enterprise. It marks a new era of advancement in customer engagement."

 The ONE customer engagement platform unifies interactions along the customer journey and delivers the optimal content at every point of interaction, including digital (mobile, Web, and social), call centers and print, to build measureable engagement, drive brand strength, customer advocacy and revenue.  

"The nature of customer engagement is changing rapidly.  With social and mobile, customers are always connected, yet their interactions with enterprises are often disjointed, impersonal, and irrelevant. Today, the customer is in control, and businesses must take an outside-in view. Brand winners and losers will be determined by their ability to captivate consumers with a seamless and continuously improving experience at every interaction throughout their journey," Manchester said. "With Thunderhead.com we are disrupting the market with the next generation of enterprise solutions in the cloud for customer experience management. Building on our proven expertise in personalization, multichannel communications, and business usability, we can take enterprises beyond the world of print, email, and Web into the dynamic adaptive world of social and mobile customer experience." 

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