Xactly Celebrates its 100th SMB Customer

Xactly announced its 100th SMB customer this week at its first CompCloud 2011 user conference in San Francisco. Intermarkets, an advertising sales management firm for Web site publishers, recently selected Xactly Express to automate the management and payments of sales commissions

Built natively on the Salesforce enterprise cloud computing platform Force.com, Xactly Express was launched last year and is the industry's first self-service sales compensation applications designed to meet the needs of small to midsized businesses. "It's really designed for the small companies that have maybe 100 sales reps or less, all the way down to one or two," says Chris Cabrera, president and CEO of Xactly. "The early adoption and traction of this product has been incredible. It's just exploded."

According to Chris Newton, vice president of marketing at Xactly, it was "very important" for Intermarkets to work with an organization that could take away a lot of work they were doing through manual calculations in Excel and provide visibility to the sales team. "As they grow, they are really excited that the system is going to grow with them," he says.

Xactly Express should be fully integrated for Intermarkets in "a matter of days" due to a short implementation turnaround. "With Xactly Express on Force.com, customers can be fully implemented and in production in a matter of hours, saving valuable time and money while allowing them to focus on improving their sales and operational efficiencies," Cabrera says.

"Xactly Express provides the out-of-the-box connectivity to Salesforce we required, along with a rich toolset that will enable us to efficiently track and pay sales commissions," added Tamera Davidson, director of finance at Intermarkets, in a statement.

Xactly also announced the release of Xactly Express 2.2 at the conference. The update is currently available as a stand-alone solution or connected to Salesforce CRM. New features include the following:

  • Customizable dashboards, allowing sales reps to created personalized dashboard to view top line data and sales and commissions payments by month;
  • Improved data mapping, enabling user to import data from Salesforce CRM into Xactly Express; and
  • Simplified searching capabilities across the Xactly Express database.

Other key releases at its conference this week included Xactly Incent 7.0, a multitenant solution to manage and modify sales compensation plans. With new customer driven features, including quota and rate table effective dating and customizable reporting, the latest innovations in Xactly Incent 7.0 enable customers to manage and modify sales compensation plans to meet the changing dynamics of their businesses. In addition, a new module in Xactly's SPM suite of solutions, Xactly Sandbox, allows customers to conduct historical data analyses, configure and test plan changes, and validate data integration changes to see how these plan changes will perform and impact the sales organization and commission expenses, prior to releasing them to the sales teams.

Key enhancements to Xactly Incent 7.0 include the following:

  • Quota & Rate Table Effective Dating: enables companies to manage incentive program changes at the time and point of need. With effective dating customers can easily make auditable changes to sales quotas and rates at any time, without impacting end-of-quarter commission payments.
  • New, Customized Attainment Ranking Reports: allows compensation administrators to create customized reports to provide visibility into individual and team sales performance.
  • Extended Report Customization with Xactly Views: allows customers to customize reports to meet their specific needs. With Xactly Views, users can combine data from Xactly Incent and other data sources, to gain actionable business insight on sales performance, opportunities and challenges. Custom reports can easily be accessed online, downloaded to the Xactly Views portal or emailed directly to key business stakeholders. Depending on the business need, custom reports can be partitioned by user position within Xactly Incent, maintaining information security while ensuring each user is granted access to information that is critical to their job function. Users can also view the status of reports they are running, audit their custom reporting history, and download results from their custom report runs.

Xactly also unveiled the Xactly Customer Success Community, a new online customer portal that provides users real-time access to critical resources and information that will enable them to do their jobs faster and easier. The self-service portal allows customers to connect directly with Xactly experts and fellow users on frequently asked questions, best-practices and ideas, as well as provide feedback and vote on future product features and enhancements.

"Compensation is the primary tool companies use to reward sales activity, yet most organizations today are only scratching the surface when it comes to using sales commission to its full potential," Cabrera said.

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