• June 8, 2022

Neustar Joins Salesforce AppExchange

Neustar has joined the expanded Salesforce Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform ecosystem on Salesforce AppExchange.

With the Customer Data Platform and Neustar Unified Identity for Salesforce CDP app coming soon to AppExchange, marketers will be able to cleanse and enrich their consumer data to power more highly targeted advertising and more personalized content across channels.

With Neustar Unified Identity for Salesforce CDP, clients can do the following:

  • Ingest and normalize customer data across their marketing technology stacks;
  • Verify and cleanse customer data via Neustar's machine-learning powered identity graph; and
  • Enrich customer records for targeted audience segmentation and creation.

Neustar Unified Identity provides the Salesforce CDP with identity data, machine-learning, and cross-channel linkages that companies can use to power advanced CRM data hygiene and enrichment, onboarding, omnichannel media planning, and audience targeting. Unified Identity connects and augments online and offline data via a single identity infrastructure that has built in linkages across marketing, data science, and CRM.

"This partnership helps Salesforce clients clean up and enrich their customer profiles when data is sparse, reducing marketing waste and improving campaign efficiency," said Steve Silvers, senior vice president and general manager of product management at Neustar, in a statement. "Most organizations' data is fragmented. Neustar helps supercharge Salesforce CDP's ability to unify customer profiles and manage omnichannel campaigns, enabling clients to make the most of their first-party data."

"Salesforce is thrilled Neustar is joining Salesforce AppExchange in the expansion of the Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform ecosystem,"said Woodson Martin, executive vice president and general manager of AppExchange at Salesforce, in a statement. "A data-first approach and a single source of truth has never been more important for brands to deliver on customer expectations in today's digital world. We can't wait to see how the innovations from Neustar will help customers to achieve success in an increasingly competitive environment and accelerate their digital transformation journeys."

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