• July 20, 2021

Braze Adds Features and Partnerships

Braze, a customer engagement platform provider, today announced product and partnership updates that provide companies with greater control of their first-party data.

The Braze platform's new offerings allow companies to collect, orchestrate, and activate their data, adapting to unique customer preferences and shifting behaviors.

"To take advantage of the new opportunities that lie ahead, brands must future-proof their businesses for sustainable growth," said Kevin Wang, senior vice president of product at Braze, in a statement. "Renewed economic optimism presents heightened expectations and increased competition for consumer attention, and these new offerings will help brands drive business growth across engagement, retention, and revenue."

One key addition is In-App Message Surveys, a set of survey templates that empower companies to collect consumer preferences, attributes, and feedback as part of a web or mobile experience.

Braze has also continued to expand its partner ecosystem to connect disparate customer data with customer data platforms from Adobe, Amperity, RudderStack, and Treasure Data. Companies can use these real-time integrations to resolve customer identities at scale, build comprehensive customer profiles, and power more personalized customer engagement.

"Together, Braze and Amperity offer a tightly integrated solution that empowers brands to form a holistic 360-degree view of their customers, act on insights, and deliver highly personalized campaigns at scale," said Kabir Shahani, CEO of Amperity, in a statement. "Our participation in the Braze Alloys partner ecosystem helps our mutual customers unlock the true value of their first-party data to achieve stronger business outcomes."

The following updates have been added to Braze Reporting and Analytics:

  • Conversion Correlations, to help companiesuncover insights about customers most or least likely to convert after receiving a campaign.
  • Revenue Reporting updates allow users to tie customer engagement to revenue generation using a granular last-click attribution model to track, monitor, and compare the revenue generated after customers clicked on any campaign.

Braze has also updated Canvas, its journey management tool with additional components and orchestration capabilities, including Experiment Steps, which empowers companies to A/B test and optimize individual messages, paths, and more throughout customer journeys

MMS Contact Cards have also been added to enable Braze users to send contact information directly to customers via MMS message. Recipients can then save MMS Contact Cards to their contact lists.

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