• May 6, 2021

Phrasee Partners with Braze

Phrasee, a provider of brand language optimization, has partnered with customer engagement platform provider Braze to help companies deliver the right message across channels, at scale, and always on brand.

The integration of Phrasee's artificial intelligence-powered technology with Braze will allow their joint customers to generate and optimize language used in email and push notifications to identify best-performing, brand-relevant messages. Phrasee automatically and continuously learns based on split tests.

Braze customers will be able to seamlessly use Phrasee within their Braze workflows. The tech integration wil optimize language across campaigns in subject lines, headline copy, and push notifications.

"We are excited to partner with Phrasee to help brands forge human connections between consumers and the brands they love through relevant and memorable experiences," said Matthew McRoberts, senior vice president of global alliances at Braze, in a statement. "This integration increases message engagement for joint customers, like Domino's, allowing brands to deploy language at scale and drive significant campaign performance uplift with minimal operational effort."

"I'm super stoked about the partnership with Braze. It deepens our customer experience proposition and expands the reach of our brand language optimization tech to Braze's awesome customer base," said Parry Malm, co-founder and CEO of Phrasee, in a statement. "As one of the world's most revered customer engagement platforms, Braze is a natural integration partner for Phrasee, and both technologies have a transformative impact on enterprise marketing performance. Brand language optimization has been the missing link in the CX ecosystem, but brands can now deliver the right message through the right channel in real time, delivering the best possible customer experience while enjoying massive time savings and increased revenue."

"The technologies from both Braze and Phrasee have been a revelation to us, and both brands are at the vanguard of innovation in the marketing space," said Marissa Contreras, director of retention marketing and marketing operations at Sephora, in a statement. "For Sephora, the AI natural language Phrasee generates with a click of a button is always on brand. We are excited about the collaboration and the prospect of optimizing our marketing language across the full customer journey."

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