• April 15, 2021

Phrasee Launches Phrasee X to Optimize Brand Language

Phrasee today released Phrasee X to help marketers optimize their branding language in real time.

Phrasee X helps marketers by continuously testing and updating their marketing language at each step of the customer journey. It uses advanced machine learning to optimize brand language in real time and builds on Phrasee's natural language generation and deep learning capabilities to help companies generate, optimize, automate, and analyze language in their own brand voices.

With Phrasee X, companies can test multiple messages at once to identify top-performing language. The technology integrates with marketing technology players like Adobe and Salesforce.

"Customer experience is king, and today's marketers understand that their brand voice serves as a marketing megaphone and the critical role language plays in allowing them to stay competitive," said Parry Malm, CEO of Phrasee, in a statement. "Phrasee X adds rocket fuel to our AI-powered SaaS platform with the ability to test multiple messages at once for ongoing optimization.

For at least a decade, marketers have had it hammered into their skulls: right person, right message, right time. There are all kinds of ways to target the right person. There are plenty of tools for send-time optimization and dynamic, real-time content. But everyone totally skipped over that middle part about the right message. There is now no reason to ever get that wrong again," Malm added.

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