• December 3, 2020

Amobee Partners with Vistar Media and Place Exchange

Amobee, an advertising technology company, has enhanced its programmatic solution for buying digital-out-of-home (DOOH), helping advertisers execute global DOOH campaigns alongside digital, TV, and social on a single platform.

This enhancement includes a new self-service integration with Vistar Media for video and display DOOH formats and an expanded partnership with Place Exchange for DOOH video support. Now advertisers can activate global programmatic display and video DOOH campaigns directly from the Amobee platform with premium inventory from Place Exchange and Vistar Media.

"As a medium, DOOH is the most effective way to reach mass audiences and engage consumers throughout their real-world journeys with high frequency and at low cost," said Dave Etherington, chief commercial officer at Place Exchange, in a statement. "DOOH is inherently brand-safe, bot-free, and always viewable, and now with fully programmatic capabilities through our expanded partnership with Amobee, marketers can execute DOOH campaigns as part of a holistic media plan, including the ability to launch and pause in real time, update messaging on the fly, and measure impact across the funnel."

"In this age of uncertainty and ever-increasing media fragmentation, DOOH is more relevant and more powerful than ever before; audiences are still out there, they just may not be where you thought they were pre-pandemic," said Bryan Everett, senior vice president of global business development at Amobee, in a statement. "As various parts of the country and world reopen, each location has different guidelines, which will ultimately impact where people go. DOOH ads are contextually relevant to the location where they're being served. The medium offers the ability to reach people no matter where or how they consume their media."

"We are excited to partner with Amobee to provide clients with the ability to execute omnichannel campaigns using one consistent and seamless workflow through Amobee's cutting-edge technology and Vistar's unique combination of high-impact inventory to drive action," said Chris Allison, director of programmatic partnerships at Vistar Media, in a statement. "We've invested in building these integrations in a way that amplifies the unique value of the out-of-home medium while providing a proven, data-driven marketing solution."

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