• December 18, 2018

Amobee Partners with Place Exchange to Activate Programmatic Buying for Out-of-Home Media

Amobee, a digital marketing technology company, has partnered with Place Exchange to launch a programmatic marketplace for out-of-home media, allowing marketers real-time bidding capabilities as well as seamless planning, execution, and attribution alongside other digital channels on a single platform.

The collaboration allows Amobee clients to converge out-of-home media with other digital channels through Amobee's demand-side platform, delivering real-time bidding,  workflow integration, and digital attribution. Once an ad has played, Amobee's platform generates insights about the audiences exposed to out-of-home ads.

"It's been proven that out-of-home media drives consumer action, and we're proud to partner with Place Exchange to deliver on the promise of a programmatic digital out-of-home offering for brands and agencies within a single platform," said Katie Ford, Amobee's chief client officer, in a statement. "Amobee is bridging the digital and physical worlds by giving advertisers frictionless integration of omnichannel marketing campaigns, allowing them to programmatically control their cross-channel audience strategy."

"Working with a forward-thinking company like Amobee means we're able to implement new and different ways to help marketers reach desired audiences," said Dave Etherington, chief commercial officer at Place Exchange, in a statement. "Our partnership with Amobee allows for scalable activation of out-of-home that dovetails with broader marketing activities so brands can more effectively engage consumers throughout their daily journeys, regardless of screen or device. That includes being able to leverage familiar online and mobile capabilities, such as hyperlocal targeting, real-time data triggers, dynamic creative execution, and video advertising, all delivered on a massive, real-world stage that is viewable, fraud-free, and brand-safe. We are incredibly excited about the potential to transform this medium and the broader advertising landscape."

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