• October 2, 2020

RollWorks Adds Folloze, LeanData, Opensense, and PFL to Partner Network

RollWorks has added Folloze, LeanData, Opensense, and PFL to its growing roster of technology partner market leaders.

The integrations across printing and direct mail engagement, email signature engagement, and data segmentation add additional solutions for marketing and sales teams with account-based strategies.

These partnerships join other core strategic partnerships with complementary technologies, including marketing automation, content management, customer experience, and sales enablement across multiple channels.

"RollWorks is deliberate in our partner-first, partner-friendly approach," said Mike Stocker, vice president of partnerships at RollWorks, in a statement. "Rather than trying to rebuild solutions for every engagement channel, we believe in letting our customers first choose the martech components they prefer for their stacks, and then we partner with those technology market leaders. This approach to integration puts essential account-based marketing tools like the Folloze, LeanData, Opensense, and PFL solutions into the hands of marketers in companies of all sizes to create amazing solutions that drive increased ROI."

Folloze's Personalized Marketing Platform brings personalization and sales orchestration to customer journeys across account-based marketing, demand generation, virtual events, and sales acceleration programs.

"We look forward to working with Rollworks toward a common vision that reinvents the modern B2B marketing stack," said Eric Bauer, vice president of alliances at Folloze, in a statement. "Powered by data-driven personalized journeys that span targeted ads to highly orchestrated sales campaigns, our joint customers will benefit from a scalable and easy-to-deploy solution that fuels long-term growth."

"With LeanData, customers can automate their [go-to-market] operations and orchestrate complex routing flows with consistent and actionable account data that feeds into RollWorks ABM campaigns," said Chris Messina, vice president of partnerships at LeanData, in a statement. "Since both LeanData and RollWorks are native Salesforce solutions, mutual customers can easily leverage these joint capabilities and experience immediate customer engagement, conversion rates, and revenue growth."

RollWorks and Opensense help ABM professionals orchestrate omnichannel campaigns that combine display ads with targeted one-on-one email signature ad banners. And with RollWorks’ performance reports and dashboard in their CRM of choice, they can visualize the impact of their email signature marketing campaigns.

"At the end of the day, it's all about creating value for the customer. Just because a platform has built-in bells and whistles doesn't mean it delivers value," said Bobby Narang, co-founder of Opensense, in a statement. "RollWorks' partner-friendly approach allows us to collaborate and deeply understand our customer needs, identify what their pains are, and tailor solutions that directly address them. Since no two customers are the same, this approach is preferable to simply selling an all-in-one solution that may or may not actually create value for our customers."

Together, RollWorks and PFL enable marketers to automate personalized direct mail in response to engagement with content.

"As a leader in the tactile marketing space, PFL is excited to partner with RollWorks to enable another marketing channel for our joint customers," said Marne Reed, chief evangelist at PFL, in a statement. "The orchestration across web display advertising, social marketing on platforms like LinkedIn, and now the offline marketing channel allows marketers to achieve maximum ROI."

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