• September 10, 2019

Insightly Launches Insightly Marketing Platform

Insightly today launched Insightly Marketing, a platform that integrates marketing, sales, and project management into a single offering.

"Businesses today must address the complete customer, and that means understanding the intricacies and value of each touchpoint," said Anthony Smith, CEO of Insightly, in a statement. "By integrating marketing with project management and sales into a single platform, Insightly is revolutionizing the future of customer engagements by helping businesses deliver the right marketing initiatives with the right ROI."

Insightly Marketing is built on the same platform as Insightly's CRM solution. It includes the following:

  • Advanced analytics to analyze, visualize, and share customer engagement metrics like open rates, bounce rates, click-through rates, and more;
  • Templates for customizable emails and newsletters;
  • A visual customer journey builder; and
  • A single platform for all customer information.

"Having spent more than 20 years of my career in marketing, I have experienced the challenges and critical importance of aligning marketing with sales in order to validate its effectiveness," said Tony Kavanagh, chief marketing officer at Insightly, in a statement. "By driving a better connection to the ROI of marketing programs, we are ensuring marketing teams (no matter how lean) are maximizing the impact of their efforts and ultimately, boosting the bottom line for the business."

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