Insightly Releases Advanced Customization Capabilities

Insightly today launched advanced customization capabilities that allow companies to tailor their CRM implementations to their specific needs and industries.

"Customers are controlling more and more of the conversation. With a sea of options to choose from, and all the technology they want at their fingertips, your customer can skip to another competing product or service in a heartbeat. If you do not treat every customer like they are your only customer, whether you have 10 or 10,000, they will leave you," says Anthony Smith, CEO of Insightly.

The latest release of Insightly CRM includes a new Custom Objects capability that allows businesses to extend their applications by modeling unique aspects of their businesses into the CRM for everyday use; industry-specific use cases can be managed from right within the application.

"This new functionality "allows any business to model every touchpoint of the customer journey, regardless of industry," Smith says.

Also new to the offering is Custom Apps, which allows CRM users to tailor the application with views that are specific to their personal preferences and across any device.

"The Custom Apps capabilities allow the daily interaction experience with the CRM application to literally be tailored to the very specific needs and preferences of each user, at every customer touchpoint," Smith explains. "Salespeople will have one view of the application, offering them everything they need—standard objects and custom objects—to perform their daily functions. Service and support professionals will have their specific views. Project delivery teams, both internal and external, will have theirs, and so on. The more in-tune the application experience is to the individual user's needs, the more likely they are to use it, the more productive they will be, and, most important of all, the happier the customers will be."

The final element in the new customizations is a Custom Reports and Dashboards capability within the reporting engine built right into the CRM.

"The advanced enterprise-grade reports and dashboards functionality we delivered in Q1 of this year also now work across custom objects and custom apps" Smith says. "Now, all aspects of the customer journey—from the time they are first engaged to the many future experiences—can be understood and analyzed so that better decisions can be made instantly."

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