Urban Airship Now Supports Google Pay Tickets

Urban Airship, provider of a mobile engagement platform and mobile wallet solution, today announced support for Google Pay’s new ticket feature. Together, Google Pay’s ticket feature—announced at Google I/O 2018—and the Urban Airship platform aim to deliver simplified yet engaging ticketing and boarding pass experiences.

Urban Airship has a number of capabilities aimed at streamlining and enhancing the mobile wallet ticketing process. Its Adaptive Link technology powers the creation and distribution of personalized tickets and boarding passes, with a single link to detect the customer’s device and automatically display a pass based on the customer’s location. Additionally, its enterprise-class APIs can deliver real-time ticket updates and alerts by directly connecting to flight information and reservation systems. Urban Airship also offers segmented messaging and real-time automation rules that allow companies to target special offers such as in-flight entertainment and special meals.

“We’ve been working with Google for years on related use cases. Until now, however, it didn’t have this specific type of ticket template that goes in the mobile wallet, and it didn’t have some of those specific features around ticketing that iOS and Apple have had,” says Mike Herrick, senior vice president of product and engineering at Urban Airship. “The canonical use case that everybody that I’ve talked to knows about with mobile wallets is they used it successfully with some airline and really liked it and have said, ‘Gee, that seems useful, I wish I could do that more often.’ So we’ve achieved similar use cases with Google but with other, not as feature-rich template types that didn’t have as many day-of-travel capabilities.”

Herrick says he thinks that “a tipping point” is coming for mobile wallets, and that their use with ticketing might hasten it. “Bringing tickets to Google Pay will really get more people using tickets in mobile and driving more mobile wallet adoption which will be great for the ecosystem in general because I think there’s been a lot of discussion over the last couple years on, [how] mobile wallets are a much better way to purchase and keep track of your tickets and loyalty cards and offers than searching through your email,” he says. “I think that by having ubiquity of ticketing in mobile and these kind of day-of-travel, day-of-event use cases will really drive people to leverage their mobile wallet more often because they’ll get more utility out of it and convenience.”

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