• March 8, 2018

Urban Airship Expands Its Platform for In-App Engagement

Urban Airship today launched an in-app automation engine to help companies create rich, interactive in-app messages that instantly display based on customers' behavioral and lifecycle events with automation logic included in the app itself.

Marketers and mobile app product owners can now use Urban Airship to fully customize native templates or custom HTML for rich, interactive message layouts, to define automation logic, to edit messages, and to view their performance.

Urban Airship's in-app automation engine includes out-of-the-box actions for common onboarding and engagement use cases, including welcome messages, opting in to notifications, registering, rating apps, feature adoption, and wallet pass installation. Fine-grained controls and adaptive messaging triggers let users define start and end dates, suppress or repeat messaging they've seen before, configure message priority, target messages to specific screens, and manage opt-outs for regulatory compliance.

"The vast majority of customer journeys today are self-directed, and digital offers consumers effortless, limitless choice, so it's more important than ever to engage people as they learn about brand offerings and features. It's their point of maximum influence," said Brett Caine, president and CEO of Urban Airship, in a statement. "We're on a mission to disrupt the status quo of digital customer engagement, making it easier and more automatic to use customer data and drive action across all digital channels."

With this offering, instead of triggering messages on "item added to cart" or "product purchased," marketers can use other event metadata (SKU, product category, order value) and user attributes (loyalty level, language, and/or country code) for more personalized and localized messaging. App product owners can promote the app's community reviews section when three or more products in a category are viewed and they have not yet used this feature. This message could be shown only once or repeated, or it could trigger additional messages based on recipients' message button taps. Those tapping "not now" could be added to an automation that instantly displays a message on a target product screen every fifth app session with at least one week between messages and ending on their 20th session.

These behavioral events and message response data are also available for triggering server-side automations or cross-channel segmentation, as well as deeper ad-hoc analysis or real-time streaming to any other business system or data warehouse. For example, if users still haven't installed their mobile wallet coupon for registering with your app, send them an email on Day 3 and repeat, suppress, or prioritize its delivery to any other digital channel.

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