Amplero Upgrades its Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform

Amplero, provider of an artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) platform, today bolstered its tool set with the addition of Learned Insights, a capability designed to give marketers a clear understanding of the tactical decisions they must make to sharpen their outreach efforts.

According to Olly Downs, Amplero’s CEO, there are a number of sophisticated technologies marketers can use to engage customers across messaging channels, but many of the capabilities contained in these systems are barred by rules and fields that end users must configure manually. The granularity with which marketers can engage a given individual is often "gated by the combination of intuition, BI projects to build predictive models and customer segments, and [driving] the rules to address them," before measuring the effects of customer interactions, he says.

Amplero's AIM platform attempts to solve this problem by using "closed loop" machine learning capabilities to build an AI system that "learns over time what interactions to send to what customers, over what channel, and at what time." As the system continues to gain feedback, it "dynamically optimizes" its view and perspective regarding the best actions to take in order to drive campaigns. The Learned Insights capability not only surfaces learnings and insights for analytics stakeholders within dashboards and reporting tools, but it "proactively distills and surfaces" them in readable format to executives who can then convert them into strategic marketing actions. The software is designed to show how marketing decisions are arrived at and illustrate the impact a particular element—e.g. the region a customer is in, or the device they are on—can have on an outcome in the context of a customer interaction.

Amplero's technology combines two capabilities, Downs explains. The first is inspired by the human-led marketing optimization process termed "uplift modeling." Typically, when companies use the uplift modeling method, they run an initial wave of the outreach campaign to a subset of target customers to identify segments who've responded positively or negatively to an email, push notification, or text message, for instance. The standard "BI" approach would be to update the targeting rules to exclude those customers who responded negatively. Amplero performs the process recursively, continuously exploring message permutations to determine which elements have impacted positive or negative responses.

The second element Amplero leverages is called the "multi-armed bandit," a strategy that allows the system to focus on audiences that responded positively while tactically and carefully examining audiences that responded negatively to see if there are pockets of more refined context or targeting beneath those broad audiences for which there were positive responses. "This allows Amplero to nano-segment the entire customer base in terms of their response to the campaign," Downs says says.

Amplero doesn't deliver messages directly, but it integrates with CRM and marketing automation systems that can process its commands to send the messages out through different channels. In the system, end users configure campaigns similar to the way they would in Salesforce.com's Marketing Cloud or Adobe's Campaign but aren't required to orchestrate or lay out the journeys they want customers to go through, because Amplero learns them.

Today's release coincides with Amplero's $17.5 million Series B announcement, led by Greycroft and Ignition. While the company, launched in July of 2016, has been focused primarily on servicing clients in the telecom, financial services, and gaming and subscription software industries, it is expanding to retail, travel and hospitality, and media and entertainment, Downs says.

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