• May 3, 2017

Amplero Expands Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform

Amplero has expanded its Artificial Intelligence Marketing Platform (AIM) with machine-learning to identify and push proactive insights about campaigns, customers, and key performance indicators to marketers. These new insights notify marketers of unexpected shifts in customer behavior, discover directions for future creative, and provide always-on monitoring of campaign efficacy.

The machine-learned insights are a natural byproduct of Amplero's AIM platform, which leverages auto-machine learning (Auto-ML) and multi-armed bandit experimentation (MAB) to test and continuously optimize thousands of marketing permutations. While Amplero's artificial intelligence system works at a deep level, the components work together to proactively present the information to the marketer.

"Amplero's AIM platform adaptively tests and executes marketing interactions at the nano-level, often evaluating more than 2100 permutations for a given marketing program. Because of this, the AI is learning which pieces of the campaign works for a unique individual at an unprecedented rate," said Olly Downs, Amplero's CEO, in a statement. "When you think about the fact that the length of the universe in seconds is 244, Amplero generates a depth of learning that is far beyond what is humanly possible."

In addition to the machine-learned insights, Amplero added a broader set of push-pull connectors for customer and marketing data, as well as a revamped interface to better align with the workflows and objectives of marketers.

"While Amplero continues to lead the way in auto-machine learning, it is also important that we continue to invest in features that save marketers time and energy in performing their increasingly challenging jobs," said Andrew Toner, Amplero's chief technology officer, in a statement. "Over the past year, we have seen tremendous adoption of our AIM Platform by some of the world's largest brands and have revamped our UX to further align it with how the modern marketer performs his/her jobs. And, we now have standard frameworks for easy integration into any push/pull marketing channel. This facilitates us passing our intelligent marketing decisions to downstream tools, such as the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, telling them which email to send or returning such decisions to determine which offer to serve when called via pull channels, such as Pega Systems' call center tools."

Amplero can be deployed on premises or within virtual private clouds.

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