LiveIntent and LiveRamp Announce Partnership

People-based marketing platform LiveIntent today announced a partnership with LiveRamp, with the two companies aiming to provide organizations with people-based marketing capabilities that are competitive with industry giants Facebook and Google, thereby helping brands increase the value of their digital media transactions.

"Brands today are interested in reaching known people, wherever they are paying attention, with consistent messaging, irrespective of the device they are using. Brands want measurement and attribution; they want to know that their marketing worked. CRM data is the key to this new era. The issue is that we live in a world of proliferating devices, and decreasing attention in any one platform or channel. So, how do you reach a known person where they are paying attention? This partnership serves to solve that," Dave Helmreich, COO at LiveIntent, says. "By turning all media into logged-in, people-based media, it increases the value of marketing and advertising for brands. Since customers are identified by the anonymized email address as they traverse the web, brands have a more valuable audience to reach."

Using LiveRamp's IdentityLink identity resolution service, which connects the dots between data and real people, LiveIntent can now provide marketers reach and scale, as well as a secure method of transferring customer data. According to Helmreich, IdentityLink "provides reach and scale to media buyers looking to expand their campaigns targeting people on the open web to those same people in the email channel and vice versa," and "allows for marketing with a consistent message, irrespective of device."

Clients can direct the transfer of their customer data through the LiveRamp Connect portal, which will feature LiveIntent as a highlighted destination where they can load the people-based audiences they have marked for targeting. "Clients can send anonymized segments and customer lists through LiveRamp Connect to target audiences in the LiveIntent platform," Helmreich explains, adding that "brands and advertisers can also buy media on the web using the email address as the fulcrum of identity."

“The LiveRamp Connect portal enables our partners to upload data assets in formats leveraging identifiers other than just email addresses,” he adds.

Helmreich sees this last feature as being beneficial for organizations in various industries, saying that, for example, financial services organizations can develop lists in the form of postal addresses, while telecommunications companies can use phone numbers. "The partnership allows LiveRamp to translate all identifiers into something that LiveIntent can leverage: the email address," he says.

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