X2Engine Bolsters Its CRM System With Location Tools

X2Engine, a provider of open-source software, marketing tools, and cloud services, today launched an updated version of its enterprise-level CRM system, which includes location-based marketing and sales force automation capabilities, mobile app and email improvements, and workflow design tools.

According to John Roberts, founder and CEO of X2Engine, version 6.5 introduces a powerful method for tracking the geography of "every customer and user interaction." When combined with Google mapping functionality, the updates will allow for more advanced user workflows and "incredibly precise opportunities for customer interactions," Roberts says.

Central to version 6.5 is X2Workflow, which enables business users to track web visits, capture leads, and set up custom actions that are triggered automatically by prospect behavior. With the "Check-in" function, users can receive notifications about customer and employee activities through email, SMS, or activity feed posts, which display the proximity of each user, Google Map directions on how to reach them, and the time since their last interaction with the company.

If a client opens an email, Roberts explains, the system will detect the activity and determine where the user is at the time, as well as directions to their current address, which might prove useful to a salesperson who is determined to schedule an in-person meeting with a client, or a marketer who wishes to send a location-based promotional offer. Similarly, a manager can check the system to see any media—recorded voice notes, say, or photos—the employees have shared from the field and stay informed about their locations and statuses during business hours, rather than contacting them to find out.

The new release's marketing campaign management enhancements include the ability to schedule email messaging ahead of time and ensure a target audience is reached at the optimal hours. Marketers can also view open-, click-, and unsubscribe-rate metrics to determine the success of each email campaign.

In addition to tracking email engagement and locations, X2CRM’s has been upgraded to support most email servers, with connectors available for Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, Yahoo, Amazon, and other popular offerings.

The Android and iOS X2CRM mobile applications have been enhanced to allow users to create audio notes and record videos, as well as attach user locations and check-in on account posts.

X2 users can also access the X2HubServices cloud connector, which supports digital calendar synchronization, SMS two-factor authentication, and additional social network and data enrichment services.

X2CRM version 6.5 is available now. In the coming months, says Roberts, "we are going to add additional X2HubServices intelligence connectors" for social sites, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The goal is "to enable even more types of dynamic customer interactions using the visual X2Workflow engine." 

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