• October 14, 2015

X2CRM Releases Version 5.3 of Its Open-Source CRM Software

X2CRM, an open-source CRM software and services company, has released version 5.3 of its CRM software, which includes a new workflow splitter, Google+ connector, and Amazon AWS-powered virtual private servers.

This release, like all X2CRM versions, is available as an open-source CRM application as well as in two commercial versions available in both cloud and download editions.

Release highlights include the X2Workflow Process Splitter, Google+ Connector, Amazon AWS Virtual Private Severs, lead management conversion reporting, default processes for modules, and the Mass Actions for Email widget.

The X2Workflow Spitter allows for concurrent execution of workflow branches, simplifying the creation of complex workflow logic. .

Google+ widget allows the display of Google+ profile data inside of contact record screens. Contacts can also be searched within the Google+ widget and added to contact activity feeds.

X2CRM's cloud edition is now powered by Amazon AWS virtual private server platform. Customer can now have a choice of multitenant and dedicated cloud deployment options.

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