X2CRM Unveils Version 5.4 of its CRM Platform

X2CRM, provider of an open-source CRM platform for small businesses, today released version 5.4 of its software, which includes updated sales process and marketing workflow automation features, an Android mobile application, and enhancements to cloud-based functionality.

"Small companies are getting advanced," says John Roberts, founder and CEO of X2Engine. "They want control of powerful, full-enterprise CRM apps that can [work] from Web site interactions all the way through sales process and service to order management, and they also want to be able to deploy them in modern clouds that give them more flexibility than the pure, multi-tenant, locked-in vendors."

X2CRM's platform, most recently updated in October, aims to help those smaller businesses—typically with fewer than 100 employees, according to Roberts's definition—manage marketing, sales, and service-related processes. The solution is available as a download and in cloud environments. It accommodates Amazon's AWS virtual private servers, and customers can also choose between multi-tenant and dedicated cloud deployments.

The updated version of X2CRM includes:

X2Touch Mobile Android Application: This app allows end users to take and share photos within activity feeds or knowledge-based sections, as well as create, access, edit, and search customer records in what Roberts refers to as a "compact" mobile environment. (Roberts adds that X2Engine will also be releasing an application for iOS within the month.)

Open Email Activity Triggers: Version 5.4 monitors end users' inboxes and links customer email interactions to CRM records. Users can track and log customer emails to see when they have been opened, and leverage those events to automatically trigger follow-up responses and other actions.

Process Module: This enhances X2CRM's ability to create flexible process funnels and extends those capabilities to non-financial use cases. Roberts notes that users in verticals such as government and education can now use the system to create customized funnels that visually outline procedural work.

X2VPS Network Status Monitor: X2VPS Cloud CRM software-as-a-service is now powered by Amazon AWS. Users can check on the status of their network at any time through a 24/7 transparent network status page.

For X2CRM, formerly known as X2Engine, the release is another step in its ongoing efforts to offer enterprise-level functionality at a price that smaller businesses can afford, Roberts says.

The release is available as a free open-source CRM application as well as in two commercial versions available in both cloud and download editions. The Professional package is available in a cloud edition, which costs $14 per month per user, and as a download edition at $68 per year per user. The Platinum edition is also available as a cloud offering for $18 per user a month, and as a download for $78 per year per user.

So far, X2CRM boasts 400 commercial customers worldwide, with roughly two thirds of customers based outside of the United States, and it continues to grow, Roberts says.

"We're starting to work on version 6.0, which won't come out until probably April or May," Roberts says. 

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