Attentive Launches an AI Information Assistant

Looking to help businesses gain real time insights about their leads, clients, and competitors, Attentive recently launched an artificial intelligence product in the form of an information assistant. Identifying a shift in the enterprise software market toward integrations and artificial intelligence, Attentive designed the solution to be compatible with platforms such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and Slack, providing up-to-date information on lead investments and competitor launches.

“All the big enterprise software companies today are focused on creating a platform, instead of a siloed product. This creates great opportunities for specialized companies like Attentive to create additional value on top of Salesforce or Hubspot,” says Daniel Araújo, CEO at Attentive. “We don’t want to create yet another page where users have to log in—they should use the tools and dashboards they already use, and Attentive should do the heavy lifting of getting the companies from the CRM and finding relevant insights to send to the users.”

The information assistant aims to provide an “intelligence layer” on top of the tools that businesses are already using, with the goal of connecting internal systems with external information. Users will be alerted regarding new activity of the leads and clients already in their CRM systems, providing context that can help them close more deals. Users can also create custom watch lists that deliver alerts based on specified criteria. Furthermore, the assistant will offer suggestions of people to connect with and adapt based on users’ preferences.

“If you think about the various software components needed to operate a business—accounting, HR, marketing, sales, etc.—they all have valuable information, but [it] rarely connects to what happens in the outside world,” Araújo says. “We want to make that external connection with Attentive, augmenting the data that the team has manually added, using your artificial intelligence engine. This way, irrespectively of the software companies use, Attentive can always layer on top of it to generate insights about clients, leads, or even competitors.”

According to a statement from Araújo, users can create a customized assistant in about two minutes. However, the company is looking to make the process nearly instantaneous, with the solution automatically registering user preferences and adapting accordingly.

“There are many use cases that we’re trying to cover, but the most common one is to alert sales teams when a lead got investment or launched a new product. With this information, sales teams can be proactive when talking to potential customers,” he adds. “The best part is that there is no configuration needed—just create an account, connect to your CRM, and even if you have 2,000 companies, Attentive will filter all the information for you.”

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