MaritzCX Launches ActionCX

MaritzCX, a customer experience (CX) software and services company, today released ActionCX, an integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for turning customer feedback into actionable, company-wide insights.

More specifically, the solution looks to help businesses shift from reactive actions to institutional improvements focused on customer centricity.

ActionCX has full integration into the MaritzCX Platform and channels customer feedback into dynamic, customized reports and dashboards to identify opportunities for organizational improvement. In particular, the solution looks to assist teams in tracking priorities, documenting plans for improvement, encouraging collaboration, and measuring progress over time, as well as promoting active engagement from everyone in the organization.

The solution looks to assist organizations in four key areas. First, it looks to couple individual customer feedback and case management practices with broad organizational change initiatives. Second, it aims to unify business practices, processes, culture, and personnel around the most pressing customer issues. Third, it looks to develop customized, best-practice customer experience action plans. Finally, it aims to provide all organization members with detailed information to continuously track and improve customer experiences.

"An action plan is really a commitment of what you're going to do and when you're going to do it. It provides the ability to make a statement about what you're going to do, when you're going to do it, and it's almost like a contract of sorts," Bryan Rhodes, director of product management at MaritzCX, says.

Rhodes goes on to say that there are two halves to ActionCX. "The first half is identifying what's critical to focus on. Without that, you don't have really anything to do action planning around," he says. "[The second half is] the action planning piece itself. Once you have identified what systemic issue you have, or where there are opportunities for improvement, the action planning provides...workflow, it provides reporting, it provides the form itself, and the opportunity to collaborate around that form. That's what the action planning does. It facilitates all those things."

While Rhodes notes that some organizations might not be ready for action planning, he says that it helps MaritzCX clients "bridge the gap [with customers] by actually solving and making changes that make a difference to their customers and ultimately their businesses."

"The natural desire for any employee who's a problem-solver is, 'my goodness, I'm seeing the same pattern over and over again, I wish I could do something about it.' That's the point in time where action planning can come in and say this organization is ready to take the next step. They've already started to get used to the idea of reviewing customer feedback, reaching out to customers individually. That's the point in time where action planning can help take an organization to that next level of maturity," Rhodes says.

MaritzCX offers not only the technology, but the services and expertise to help companies implement ActionCX and ensure sound organizational improvement strategies. This includes helping businesses to better understand the factors that most directly affect customer experiences, assessing performance against industry or regional benchmarks, and linking CX measures with financial performance.

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