• April 26, 2016

MaritzCX and Maritz Motivation Solutions Partner

MaritzCX and Maritz Motivation Solutions have aligned their customer satisfaction and employee recognition solutions through an integration that brings together the MaritzCX platform with CultureNext to optimize the employee and customer connection.

The integrated solution allows for customer feedback gathered in the MaritzCX platform to be turned into performance data for employees supported by recognition and rewards that are managed within Maritz's CultureNext platform. By combining the two SaaS platforms, companies can enhance visibility, information, and action at each customer touchpoint with employees in each department.

Employees will have direct visibility into location-level customer satisfaction scores and can receive rewards for achieving targeted outcomes. In addition, direct transaction-level feedback gathered from the MaritzCX platform can be shared one-to-one with employees, and customers can even opt-in to recognize those who provide a great experience.

"Optimizing the customer experience means employees will understand what customers think, feel, and say. And it means feedback programs, closed-loop processes, and rewards will be embedded into the operational DNA of the organization," said Carine Clark, president and CEO of MaritzCX, in a statement. "When this is done, employees will be able to act faster to rescue faltering customers and will better predict when a customer or group of customers is liable to leave."

"The best companies connect employee engagement and performance directly to the customer experience, and they actively manage it," said John McArthur, president of Maritz Motivation Solutions, in a statement. "Creating a culture that truly makes this happen can be challenging. This integrated solution from the leaders in employee and customer engagement will help companies accelerate the creation of the employee and customer connection and actively manage the customer experience."

"This partnership and integrated platform is all about connecting the dots between customers and employees," said Kimberly Abel, vice-president and solution leader for CultureNext at Maritz Motivation Solutions, in a statement. "The value to our clients is a virtuous cycle of superior customer experience, which drives customer loyalty and repeat business supported by engaged, purpose-driven employees who thrive on performance feedback and recognition."

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