• July 15, 2016
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

MaritzCX Releases SocialCX

MaritzCX, a customer experience (CX) software and services company, has launched SocialCX, a solution to help companies manage and increase positive reviews on social media to enhance their online reputations.

SocialCX encourages customers to generate positive reviews and provides a systematic and timely means for companies to identify, distribute, and respond to negative or positive online feedback and reviews.

SocialCX focuses on social media sources that contain the most useful information—like popular local review sites—and then uses MaritzCX's text analytics engine to find, capture, and transform unstructured social media data into CX insights. With SocialCX, businesses can fully integrate social content with other sources of customer data.

"With social, customers have one very big voice," says Mark Magee, vice president of product management at MaritzCX. "For companies, it's all about being able to take action that drives business results."

SocialCX monitors popular general review sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google, as well as vertical-specific sites like TripAdvisor and OpenTable, to find customer reviews about companies. "There are very few sites that we can't do this for," Magee says.

It can then send the customer who wrote the review a follow-up survey via Web form or text message.

"We analyze the results in real time, highlight the positive responses, and ask the customers to write positive reviews," Magee says.

SocialCX can also provide deep links where customers can write their reviews right within the application.

For businesses, SocialCX helps them monitor social media, including online reviews and other sources of CX-filtered social media, alongside other sources of CX information to provide more representative CX insights and earlier issue detection. Businesses can then respond to online customer reviews and problems raised.

"It allows companies to focus on the right social issues, the ones that help drive business," Magee says.

"Every day, thousands of customers rate, review, and discuss their experiences on countless social media and online review sites. Every company is only one bad review or post away from public ridicule and the economic impact that can follow," said Carine Clark, president and CEO of MaritzCX. "By monitoring online reviews alongside other CX sources of information, businesses are better armed to make the right and most relevant customer experience improvements that will boost customer retention and revenue.”

SocialCX is fully integrated into the MaritzCX platform, a SaaS-based system that enables organizations to collect omnichannel customer information, analyze the data in near real time, turn it into a cohesive view of the customer experience, and make it available to everyone in the organization.

"We take a very targeted approach to social and tie it into all of the other data the company has on its customers in its CX programs," Magee says. "Once we monitor social media, there is a tremendous amount of data to measure it against. We are able to combine the customer's social voice with all of the other data the company has. This is the first online social media product that is fully integrated into a CX platform."

And all the reporting and analysis is done in real time, according to Magee.

That, he adds, is an important element of the solution. "You want to get to the customer while the iron is still hot, while the experience is still fresh in his mind," Magee says. "Your survey response rate goes up while the experience is fresh. It's also when people are most willing to talk and give their feedback."

MaritzCX first previewed SocialCX, along with its PredictionCX product, to help businesses analyze known customer information and apply it to predict customer loyalty, in April.

Magee notes that MaritzCX is "pretty excited" about the SocialCX release and has already received positive feedback from some of the early testers of the product.

MaritzCX is delivering SocialCX in partnership with social media company Podium.

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