PGi Announces iMeet Updates

Collaboration software and services provider PGi today announced updates to its iMeet audio and video conferencing solution, the latest version of which includes desktop application updates designed to improve communication between internal and external colleagues and teams.

"In our global software business, PGi customers want a seamless experience on the desktop and mobile device—no matter the quality of their Internet connections or changes to their browsers," said Daniel Graff-Radford, vice president of Product Management at PGi, in an email to CRM. "The iMeet desktop app delivers on the promise of a consistent experience with features that empower teams to collaborate in real time or in meetings and scheduled events."

One of the key improvements to the iMeet desktop application is enhanced audio and video calling; users can start audio and video sessions directly from chat windows, and WebRTC technology provides high-definition voice and visual capabilities. In addition, files can be stored in a central repository for easy access by all parties, eliminating the inconvenience of emailing materials.

"Instead of using multiple tools for a variety of activities, iMeet unifies the ways businesses communicate with internal and external stakeholders," Graff-Radford said. "Employees and teams become more agile and productive when they have access to tools—like chat and peer-to-peer calling—that foster teamwork and efficiency.”

Graff-Radford also emphasized the importance of bringing real-time communication capabilities to iMeet. The solution's instant messenger component now includes presence detection, enabling users to see when a contact is online, and users can add people to their iMeet contacts to see when they are available. Additional features include a simpler login flow and the ability to get meeting details, start a meeting, and join another person's meeting all from one screen.

"We think chat and presence are a game changer," Graff-Radford said. "iMeet has successfully been deployed to companies that [are] looking for a better all-in-one audio, video, or Web conferencing tool. But at PGi, we recognize that so much work gets done outside of a meeting. Adding chat and presence to the iMeet desktop app helps drive real-time collaboration, productivity, and efficiency all within one application.” Graff-Radford added that PGi has a team of adoption and implementation experts to assist organizations in deploying and making the most of the iMeet solution.

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