BPMonline Debuts Version 7.6 of BPMonlineCRM

BPMonline, a provider of  cloud-based business process management (BPM) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, today released version 7.6 of its CRM platform. The latest edition takes the company's offering further into the cloud and provides businesses with omnichannel enhancements to "cover the whole customer journey," says Michael Rooney, senior vice president and general manager at BPMonline. It includes upgrades to its marketing, sales, and service features.

BPMonline's new sales features include a focus on field force management, as it automates data entry and provides guided workflows for traveling sales reps. When a rep visits a city on business, she can use the mobile feature to enter her locations and map out time-efficient travel routes. The tool also keeps sales managers in the loop by allowing them to monitor the team through geographical digital check-ins. Users will "be able to increase productivity of those field reps, and…manage more clients in the same amount of time," Rooney says.

Version 7.6 will also put BPMonline in closer communication with Facebook, as it support the new API and can power free videos calls to connect users. Sharpened tagging and filtering functions, as well as dashboard widgets, will activate quicker searches and present opportunities for a more customized display of data.

The marketing enhancements focus on automating processes tied to lead and demand generation. Marketing professionals can integrate landing pages and keep track of the people visiting them. An embedded content designer will enable users to craft email templates and launch email campaigns that leveraging A/B testing to see which formulas are yielding the best results with specific user segments.

The enhanced service features include a Home Page that allows service agents to access accurate customer information and foster better relationships.

BPMonline has also added an Academy feature that serves as a repository for training-related materials.

For BPMonline, the updated version signifies a further push to seamlessly connect the three pillars of CRM—sales, marketing, and customer service. Ultimately, the company hopes to offer a system that enables each department to be in the know on what the others are up to.

Rebecca Wettemann, vice president of Nucleus Research, notes that field sales professionals are "often the last mile for CRM, and…don't necessarily get the tools they need to be effective."

BPMonline's new sales features present two distinct benefits, she says. "First, you get more data. But you also get better data because [sales reps] are entering it in the moment, not hours after they've met with a customer."

Having a set of automated processes on hand will allow marketing professionals to focus on more strategic and creative activities rather than the "nuts and bolts" of campaigning, Wettemann says. "This streamlines manual and tactical [processes], so [marketers] can spend more time on their creative work," she says.

While no customers have beta-tested the newest release, Wettemann notes that an increasing number of users of other systems, such as Oracle's Siebel and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, have been transitioning to BPMonline's system for its ease of use.

And Wetteman has confidence in BPMonline's plans for connecting the separate elements of CRM moving forward. "Cross departmental [functionality] is the next step, and with their BPM engine, one that they're well-suited to execute on," she says. 

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