Bpm’online Releases Version 7.7 of Its CRM Platform

Bpm'online has released version 7.7 of its CRM platform, an update promising a "new level of agility and usability" that will foster customer engagement across the enterprise, according to a statement from Katherine Kostereva, managing partner at bpm'online.

Michael Rooney, senior vice president and general manager at bpm’online, says that the chief upgrade is an improved mobile user interface, equipped with a set of quick keys, one-click record additions, and simplified data editing capabilities.

Also essential to version 7.7, Rooney says, is its restructured business process management (BPM) engine, designed to give companies the ability to modify processes without interfering with live customer cases. While the old engine was built on Microsoft’s Silverlight, the new one runs on HTML 5.0, which broadens the number of applications it can be delivered to, Rooney says. The engine has been removed from the application layer and placed in a separate server environment, to allow for speedier and more agile functionality.

Version 7.7 offers sales reps and marketers new tools for managing leads and prospects. Marketers, for instance, can monitor the status of each prospect's profile and assess which and how much information must be gathered to make it complete. An account with simply a phone number and little else might register as 21 percent complete; one with additional information about a company's budget and decision makers will have a higher percentage.

The new release can keep track of "blind or organic" visits to a Web site, Rooney points out. Users can mark certain actions and destinations on their Web sites, record interactions, and tie that behavior to bpm’online so that when the lead decides to register on the site, all activity is linked to his profile. Companies can tap into such information to see what products or services customers have expressed interest in well before they have interacted with a company. 

Version 7.7 features more than 200 other enhancements, including the following:  

  • Improved B2C functionality. Past versions were focused on account-based opportunities, primarily of use to B2B companies; the new version offers similar functionality on an individual level, Rooney says. 
  • Better "omnichannel case management," including a single-window view of the customer, which enables service agents to look at customer activity and queries made on any channel and respond to them from within their Web browsers.
  • For managers, an improved supervisor workplace, providing a set of tools with which to "evaluate and alter workload balances across a workforce," Rooney says. Users can view group analytics and track individual agents’ performances side by side.
  • Automation enhancements for assisting users. A notification center provides hints for actions to take next as users work on opportunities. Likewise, the vendor has improved its "pop-up summaries." "We've spread them out much more consistently across the entire platform," Rooney says. Users who are viewing an opportunity window and searching for basic information can hover the mouse over a contact and view key points, as well as links that allow them to initiate contact via phone or email.

“One of the mainstays of our roadmap revolves around intelligent business processes,” Rooney says. Future releases will leverage data to provide users with “intelligent, predictive decisions” regarding the next step to take in a particular process, Rooney says.

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