Docurated Offers Its Content Cloud Through the Salesforce App Exhchange

Docurated, a sales and marketing acceleration platform, today announced the availability of its Content Cloud through Salesforce.com's AppExchange.

Running on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, the product aims to foster greater cooperation among sales and marketing staff, who often don't understand how the other department's work connects to, or influences, their own. Drawing from the content stored within an organization's repositories—either on-premises or in the cloud—Docurated analyzes and indexes the materials composed by marketing. Looking at details such as the date and frequency of use, the program measures the relevance and effectiveness that each piece of content will have in a particular scenario, and siphons it for a rep's benefit. With the system in place, both marketing and sales teams are granted transparent access to information surrounding the content. Salespeople, for example, can put together quicker presentations and reduce the amount of time they tend to spend on researching and sifting through files; marketing reps can get sharper insights concerning how their work is being put into play.

"Every time we visited a sales or marketing leader, we heard the same thing," Alex Garbansky, CEO and cofounder of Docurated, says. "Marketing would say, 'Sales doesn't appreciate how much great content we have,' and sales would say, 'We can't find our best content when we need to use it.'

"We looked at a lot of the existing solutions out there and [realized] they were failing for a number of reasons," Garbansky continues. One reason such solutions weren't working, he says, is  that, while helpful to  marketers, they tended to be too complex for salespeople. They frequently relied on recommendations from marketers who were not making use of data and evidence that would back them up. "They also didn't really scale with the organization, so they became really difficult to manage and maintain. A lot of these systems required tagging [and] manual uploading. "

Docurated is primarily helpful to companies who are large and growing, Garbansky says, stating that the ideal users are typically larger, growing sales and marketing teams ranging anywhere from 100 to 1,000 employees in size. Joining with Salesforce, he holds, will help them get their product to a bigger audience. "We officially launched our platform in Q4 of last year, and we're already seeing a significant portion of our business that's coming through the Salesforce App Exchange. Last year our business grew over about 359 percent year on year in terms of sales, so we're anticipating similar growth this year as well."

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