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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data analytics, or customer analytics, is a critical element of CRM. Learn to quickly identify and solve customer-facing business problems by collecting, organizing, and analyzing customer data captured throughout an organization. Explore our latest customer analytics news, analysis, and advice.

Salesforce Launches Feedback Management

Salesforce Feedback Management helps companies collect and act on customer and employee surveys.

Adobe Adds to Experience Platform

New capabilities in the Adobe Experience Platform expand data asset availability and help companies derive insights faster.

Terminus Integrates with Salesforce Pardot

With Terminus' Pardot integration, combined data lets users create powerful segments, improve attribution analytics, and provide real-time alerts based on engagement across both platforms. 

Blacklight Launches Simplified Business Analytics

Blacklight Solutions' new software for SMBs simplifies business analytics with artificial intelligence.

Tapad Partners with Reveal Mobile

Tapad and Reveal Mobile are launching audience and attribution capabilities with cross-device matching and pixel-based foot traffic attribution reporting.

CallRail Enhances Conversation Intelligence

CallRail includes AI-powered call analysis in its latest version of Conversation Intelligence.

Stratifyd Launches Next-Generation Data Analytics Platform

Stratifyd's new platform brings together proprietary and third-party data and reveals the hidden content within.

Naveego Launches Complete Data Accuracy Platform

Naveego Complete Data Accuracy Platform includes master data management, integration, and replication.

Luminoso Launches Concept-Level Sentiment

Luminoso's new text analytics solution is able to identify multiple sentiments and concepts in a single piece of text.

Pypestream Introduces Conversational Ads

Conversational Ads use artificial intelligence to create two-way interactions to move customers through sales and marketing funnels.

NICE Launches Real-Time Interaction Guidance

NICE's Real-Time Interaction Guidance is powered by NICE Enlighten AI behavioral models to provide agent guidance during interactions. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

Invoca Announces Summer 2020 Product Release

New features in Invoca's Summer 2020 Release allow companies to extract and apply more insights from conversational data.

Acxiom Announces Customer Data Platform Solutions & Services

Acxiom is partnering with select customer data platform providers to implement, integrate, enhance, and optimize their offerings.

Qubit Is a First to Deliver Google Cloud's Recommendations AI

Qubit is one of the first personalization companies to offer Recommendations AI to e-commerce retailers.

Medallia and Ipsos Partner on Medallia Total Healthcare Experience

The patient experience platform provides real-time patient insights.

SMG Introduces Business Intelligence Software

SMG's business intelligence software helps companies surface insight from both purchasers and non-purchasers.

Medallia Launches Digital Disruption Quickstart

Medallia Digital Disruption Quickstart reveals online consumer journey pain points and highlights areas for improvement.

InetSoft's 2020 Release Broadens Access to Data Intelligence

Connectors to 73 applications increase data mashup possibilities.

CallMiner Launches Illuminate

Illuminate leverages machine learning to extract insights, intelligence, and meaning from customer interactions. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

Astute Acquires iperceptions

Astute adds voice of the customer capabilities to its customer experience solutions with its acquisition of iperceptions. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)