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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data analytics, or customer analytics, is a critical element of CRM. Learn to quickly identify and solve customer-facing business problems by collecting, organizing, and analyzing customer data captured throughout an organization. Explore our latest customer analytics news, analysis, and advice.

Dstillery Launches Custom Patient Targeting 

Dstillery Custom Patient Targeting helps healthcare advertisers reach specific patients without user tracking. 

UserZoom Acquires Testapic

UserZoom's deal to buy Testapic will help it provide user experience insights across Europe

Quantum Metric Launches Visible

Quantum Metric Visible brings website and mobile app behavioral insights to marketers' fingertips.

SupportLogic Launches SX Platform and Applications

SupportLogic's new SX Platform includes AI-backed insights into customer and agent activities. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

CXera Integrates with Slack

CXera's Slack integration lets users create customer-facing microsites and receive analysis of their usage within the Slack interface.

Casted Launches Insights for Podcasts and Videos

Casted Insights provides visibility into brand engagement and actionable audience metrics across audio and video content.

NielsenIQ Launches Activate, a Retail Media Solution

NielsenIQ Activate allows retailers to leverage their own data to accelerate new revenue streams.

tvScientific Partners with Adjust for CTV Integration

tvScientific's partnership with Adjust enhances omnichannel strategies from impression to post-app installation.

Pega Partners with Celebrus to Launch Always-On Insights

Pega Always-On Insights combines streaming data capture capabilities with AI-powered decisioning for deeper customer behavior insights.

Versium Partners with Treasure Data to Launch Treasure Box

Versium's Treasure Data integration brings identity resolution to the customer data platform.

TheLoops Launches on Zendesk Marketplace

TheLoops with Zendesk offers predictive analytics and automations for real-time support. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

CompleteCSM Launches Customer Intelligence Cloud

Customer Intelligence Cloud helps companies collect signals, reveal customer intent, and aggregate historical telemetry and adoption data.

MiaRec Launches Customer Sentiment Analysis

MiaRec has added Customer Sentiment Analysis to its interaction recording and customer engagement platform.

Reveal Mobile Launches the Mira Console for Out-of-Home Measurement

Reveal Mobile's Mira Console delivers measurement reports for traditional, digital, place-based, programmatic, and moving OOH campaigns.

DataHawk Launches DataHawk Connections

DataHawk Connections aggregates e-commerce data and ties it to other business applications.

Searchspring Introduces Personalized Search & Merchandising

Searchspring's Personalized Search & Merchandising provides custom search results and category page recommendations for each shopper.

mParticle Launches  Journeys

mParticle Journeys helps companies design audience sequences across multiple paths.

Zendesk Launches Conversational CRM and Employee Experience Solutions

Zendesk solutions put conversations at the center of CRM and help businesses deliver modern, personalized experience for today hybrid workers.

Oracle Brings Its Unity Customer Data Platform (CDP) into Oracle Service

Oracle offers service agents a unified view of the customer with Oracle Fusion Cloud Unity CDP integration. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

Authenticx Introduces Eddy Effect Dashboard

Authenticx's Eddy Effect Dashboard helps companies identify and attack disruptions in the customer journey.