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Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems provide all types of organizations with powerful, flexible, and reliable CRM tools and resources. Cloud-based CRM tools are available to staff in the office and out in the field. Explore the latest news, analysis, and advice related to cloud-based CRM here.

The Tech Trend Shaping the Holiday Travel Experience

In this modern age of "fast and convenient" air travel, real-time information and assistance can make or break a passenger's experience.

Retailers Must Embrace Holiday Shopping’s Evolving Digital Landscape

Embracing change is not just advisable; it's essential to maintain relevance and ensure competitiveness.

3 Tried-and-True Strategies for Using Content in Sales Enablement

In-person sales and marketing efforts still need a digital pairing and content assets to support them.

3 Ways Generative AI Will Transform Sales Force Automation Platforms

Generative AI will revolutionize the sales force automation platform, enabling sales leaders to unleash new insights, engage customers in new ways, and take a new approach to deal strategy.

Technology Is Creating New Ways to Sell to Prospects. Here’s How.

Sales automation tools can be integrated into the sales funnel to make sales tasks quicker and easier, allowing salespeople to spend more time personalizing their interactions with buyers.

High-Growth U.S. Startups Are Missing a Big Revenue Driver: Localization

4 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty and Value via Digital Content

With consumers' digital experiences driving more sales, a unified approach to digital content can strengthen omnichannel experiences, attracting new customers while building the loyalty and lifetime value of existing ones.

The Evolving Landscape of Contact Centers: Embracing Technology and Empowering Employees

Processes for constant improvement, flexibility, and change management need to be baked into every aspect of contact center operations.

Cross-Border E-commerce Is Booming. Does Your Website Get It Right?

To build a thriving cross-border presence, brands and retailers must understand why consumers shop across borders and how to adapt their customer experience (CX) for different markets.

Is 'Phygital' the Future of CX?

Digital tools have upgraded how we shop, but physical experiences haven't lost value. Brands need to migrate toward CX strategies that integrate physical and digital touchpoints.

Subscription Providers Must Prepare for Usage Models’ CX Impact

Customers want greater flexibility with subscription payments, but increased calls to customer service could be an unintended consequence.

The Future of Customer Experience: MACH Architecture

Customers demand a high-quality e-commerce experience, and the MACH approach can deliver. It focuses on composability and allows organizations to build a complete IT ecosystem piece by piece.

Digital Trust and the Contact Center’s Key Role

Establishing and maintaining digital trust is not just a competitive advantage, it is a business imperative. And the contact center can play a critical role in preserving consumers' trust.

Prepare for Machine Customers’ Impact to Customer Service and Support

Customer service and support leaders must understand the impact of machine customers—virtual assistants, smart devices, and the like—to their business and establish a strategy to enable them in order to stay competitive.

The Key to Secure Remote Collaboration: Encrypted File Sharing

Remote work presents special security challenges, but encrypted file sharing can help by adding an extra layer of security, encoding the information to protect its integrity during transmission.

10 Do's and Don’ts for Text Marketing

Text is an amazingly powerful marketing tool, but to build lasting relationships and loyalty, it's important to handle text marketing with care.

Refining the B2B Buyer Journey to Acquire and Keep Customers

New technology has made the modern B2B buying journey more streamlined than ever. But if you're still implementing disorganized and incoherent solutions, your B2B buyer conversion funnel may be suffering.

5 CRM Tips for Winning Over Your Customers

Here's how to elevate customer service, sales, and the rest of your business operations.

Create a More Human Omnichannel

Part of the evolution of contact centers is finding the right mix of automation and human interaction to provide the best possible experience for customers.

How Extended Reality Can Reinvent the Trade Show Experience

By deploying virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) booth displays, presenters can drive traffic, receive better feedback and word-of-mouth endorsements, and offer prospects a deeper understanding of their product.