• August 26, 2019
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Validity Proves Its Worth in Data Quality: The 2019 CRM Rising Star Awards

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Customer data quality solutions provider Validity is just a little more than a year old, but the company has already disrupted the CRM industry with four key acquisitions that almost instantly propelled it into a position of prominence.

The company, which was formed in early 2018 through a partnership with Silversmith Capital Partners, a Boston-based growth equity firm, scooped up fellow data quality firm AppBuddy in late June and ReturnPath, a provider of email deliverability and optimization, in May. These two deals followed the 2018 acquisitions of CRMfusion, a data quality provider, and BriteVerify, an email verification platform provider.

“Validity is a growth machine that we simply had to be part of,” said Marc Aubin, CEO and co-founder of AppBuddy, in a statement. “Now as a part of Validity, AppBuddy will transform how businesses use data to find, connect with, and delight customers.”

The Boston-based company also expanded its product portfolio through organic development. One of the highlights this year was its April launch of Validity Trust Assessments, an on-demand application that not only shines a spotlight on data quality issues but also shows how they could be impacting the business. Validity Trust Assessments produces a Data Trust Score based on a complete analysis of duplicate, malformed, missing, and invalid data records; comparative industry benchmarks; a business function impact that shows how data issues affect campaign effectiveness, pipeline management, customer retention, and strategic business decisions; and a detailed remediation plan for improvement.

And the company closed out its first year in business with the launch of a direct integration of its data quality and trust platform with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Through the integration, Dynamics users benefit from the Validity platform, including Validity DemandTools, which blends intelligence and automated processes for managing duplicate, invalid, expired, and incomplete data with mass merging, robust matching, and master rule creation.

“Customer data is at the heart of just about every business decision,” said Mark Briggs, CEO of Validity.

If Validity has anything to say about it, business leaders will no longer need to wonder if they’re making sound decisions because of known issues with underlying data quality. The company is unique in that it not only reveals the state of customer data but can also quickly identify the specific steps needed to improve and ultimately trust that data.

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