6sense Carves Out a Niche in ABM: The 2019 CRM Rising Star Awards

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San Fancisco-based 6sense was a pioneer in account-based marketing, and the six-year-old company continues to define the ABM space with a number of product launches, partnerships, and integrations in the past few months.

In November 6sense launched sales intelligence enhancements that bring together CRM, marketing automation data, web engagement data, and 6sense’s anonymous intent data to provide comprehensive, centralized visibility into account intent, engagement, and reach activity directly within CRM systems. Specific capabilities track account engagements over time to discover trends and identify the best time for outreach; provide visibility into anonymous intent from key accounts based on relevant keyword research and website visits; and assess the engagement status of important personas in any given deal. Alerts provide a summary of notable account activity and updates to 6sense’s master company dataset and associated artificial intelligence.

In May the company, which was founded in 2013, launched an external media campaigns feature that enables users to track digital media campaigns launched from non-6sense platforms for account segmentation within the 6sense platform and to provide more advanced account-based analytics on those campaigns. The technology helps users understand their global digital footprints and their impact on account engagement; evaluate agency partners, campaigns, and media outlets to determine performance and optimize spending; and collaborate with agency partners to improve digital media strategy and financial returns. The external media campaigns feature supports a wide selection of platforms, including AdForm, Adobe, AppNexus, Google Ad Manager, Google AdExchange, Innovid, MediaPlex, Conversant, and Sizmek.

6sense also expanded its technology to other platforms, starting with a partnership with Reactful, a provider of an AI-powered predictive personalization platform. 6sense also integrated with Salesforce Pardot, combining marketing execution from Pardot with time-based predictions on prospect engagement from 6sense. Shared users can use 6sense to uncover demand and prioritize accounts with high buying propensity while engaging buyers with personalized marketing campaigns via Pardot.

6sense also expanded its integration with HubSpot, allowing users to identify anonymous intent from accounts on third-party publisher sites and company websites; connect anonymous intent, firmographic, technographic, demographic, and sales activity data with HubSpot data for unified account profiles; see which accounts are in-market and which personas should be engaged within the buying center; dynamically target account lists that indicate latest activity, buying journeys, and account reality; orchestrate campaigns around target account lists; and build reports for digital ad performance, engagement, and prediction-driven lift. 

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