Totango Launches Customer Success Campaigns

Totango today bolstered its customer success management platform with Customer Success Campaigns, a set of automated features designed to help companies converse with buyers who've adopted and begun using one of their products.

In a statement, Totango's chief product officer, Masksim Ovsyannikov, stated that the solution was designed to address the needs of companies who struggle to maintain "authentic lines of communication" with all users of their applications. "We wanted to deliver a way to send the right content to the right user at the right time and allow companies to measure the impact of those messages in achieving their business goals," Ovsyannikov said.

Customer Success Campaigns aims to help software companies—particularly those who provide subscription and software-as-a-service models—connect with their customers and manage relationships at scale, with the goal of increasing retention and driving revenue.  

The product includes:

  • Prebuilt campaigns that offer ready-made templates in the areas of onboarding, education, and adoption.
  • Segmentation options that read user behavior and account activity to craft relevant campaigns.
  • Custom email templates that enable users to design their emails to fit with the brand, incorporating logos and media.
  • Personalized messages that draw from data stored within the Totango platform to customize email conversations.
  • Up-to-date email automations that trigger and send automated email based on user interactions, to deliver contextually appropriate messages.
  • Continuous goal-specific feedback that keeps users up to date on the success of campaigns. 

According to Kaiser Mulla-Feroze, chief marketing officer at Totango, the tools enable more personalized communications than standard marketing automation systems, which tend to check up on customers at preset intervals. Tapping into the data stored in Totango, Customer Success Campaigns gives end users information on how customers are using their products to their benefit, rather than relying on the open or click rates of email campaigns. For instance, the solution can see how long someone has spent trying to figure out a particular process within an application and send more personalized assistance accordingly.

Users can outline a set of goals and receive updates to see where they stand in meeting them. A software company that wants to introduce a new tool to its users, for instance, can outline a set of stipulations surrounding the tool’s adoption.

"Every time [a company] launches a new product, some will pick up the product immediately, and some won't," Mulla-Feroze says. Companies need to personalize communications based on these types of telling interactions, he maintains.

Today's announcement builds on Totango's customer success management package, which it has continued to develop over the past year. Most recently, the company made available SuccessPlays  and ROI Metrics.

Totango plans to keep adding functionality and deepen the levels of communication. A future version will integrate messaging within applications, Mulla-Feroze says. "Customer success is not just about helping people when they have a problem with a product," Mulla-Feroze says. "It's also about engaging them proactively to make sure they're using it in the right way."

Ray Wang, founder of Constellation Research, lauded the release, noting that Totango has "some of the most advanced capabilities" available. However, he also points out that the customer success management market has not yet been commoditized by machine learning and artificial intelligence; as it does, it will continue to evolve, and will only get more interesting as competitors such as Bluenose gain traction and begin to offer high-quality products of their own.

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