Totango Launches Early Warning System with SuccessPlays and Account Scorecards
The Totango Early Warning System provides automated business process capabilities and dynamic account benchmarking.
Posted Jul 16, 2015
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Totango, a provider of customer success management solutions, today launched the Early Warning System with SuccessPlays automated business process capabilities and Account Scorecards for customer benchmarking.

"SuccessPlays is an industry-leading way to automatically apply best practices that are unique to your business to various customer situations and to dispatch your resources to the right place at the right time," said Maksim Ovsyannikov, chief product officer at Totango, in a statement. "We went further than that by creating a way to show the effectiveness of those best practices through their impact on customer health and behavior. The new account scorecards provide unprecedented depth and configurability, combined with intelligence and data science to truly understand the success of a specific account."

SuccessPlays allows companies to formalize customer success processes in a scalable and consistent manner across growing teams. With this new capability, companies can automate team workflow and trigger personalized customer touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle. SuccessPlays can be put to use in a wide variety of situations from addressing onboarding delays to identifying/fulfilling customer training needs to driving upsell opportunities.

SuccessPlays includes the following capabilities:

  • Customer journey tracking: Create and predefine criteria to track across the customer lifecycle, such as onboarding, adoption monitoring, revenue expansion, and new feature training;
  • Task automation: Automatically assign tasks to team members. When accounts fit predefined criteria, a set of tasks can be triggered and assigned to the right team members. Multiple tasks can be created within a SuccessPlay and have different due dates and owners;
  • Prebuilt templates: Use Totango's SuccessPlays out-of-the-box to get started and edit/refine along the way to cater to your business needs;
  • Standardized workflow: Achieve consistent and effective delivery of services across the team so that fewer accounts slip through the cracks.
  • Team accountability: See up-to-the-minute information on all assigned tasks and actions.

"Implementing SuccessPlays has helped us operationalize and scale our customer success best practices across our global team in a way that we couldn't consistently achieve before,"said Lauren Taylor, manager of customer success operations and training at Vend, in a statement. "With Totango we know which customers are at risk, who needs help with advanced features, and who may be ready to go to the next level. Now we can make sure that every team member knows the best action to take for each of these situations and can quickly scale in a truly customer-centric way."

Account Scorecards bring in relevant and contextual customer information into one view. From account health history and activity timeline to usage benchmarks (against other similar customers) and user leaderboards, to real-time metrics such as engagement scores and custom ROI metrics, Totango gives context and visibility on customers with the click of one button.

Account Scorecards include the following capabilities:

  • Account health history: Understand the reasons for the customer's current state of health while evaluating against a historical trendline.
  • Team and activity timeline: View team workflow and activities in a clear timeline that acts as the system of record of all customer interactions.
  • Real-time key metrics: Customize the scorecard to show key metrics including ROI metrics and engagement metrics. Trendlines add historical context.
  • User leaderboards: See top users, new users, and key contacts for each customer account along with key activity related metrics. Keeping an eye on account users ensures that teams focus on driving adoption across all users.
  • Usage benchmarks: See top-used modules per account and benchmark them against all customers.

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