4INFO Launches AdHaven Bullseye MultiScreen (Video Interview)

4INFO, a mobile technology advertising company, has introduced AdHaven Bullseye MultiScreen, a solution designed to simplify crosschannel campaign targeting and delivery by evaluating campaign performance based on sales rather than clicks or other forms of engagement. Using AdHaven Bullseye MultiScreen, marketers will be able to rely on a single product to both target consumers through their personal and household data with relevant ads across multiple devices and gauge key insight on how the targeted campaigns are driving sales.

The AdHaven Bullseye MultiScreen solution is supported by 4INFO's proprietary, patent-pending technology and achieves its high level of targeting by matching over 152 million mobile devices to 101 million homes across the United States. Unlike similar solutions, 4INFO doesn't use metrics like clicks, downloads, or store visits to measure the effectiveness of mobile ads, focusing instead specifically on sales lift.

Through a partnership with Acxiom and other third-party data providers, 4INFO sources purchase and CRM data and matches that information to consumers' smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops. Using the anonymized data that is collected, 4INFO's technology determines who is exposed to a certain ad and who isn't. The tool then measures sales lift among those that saw the ad, and compares it to the sales lift observed in the control group that didn't.

The insight collected helps companies determine a clearer relationship between mobile ads and sales revenue than insight from other metrics could, according to 4INFO CEO Tim Jenkins. "This is really the first time that anyone is giving marketers the opportunity to engage in 1:1 purchase-based targeting across multiple screens and actually measure the effectiveness of advertisements with sales numbers," Jenkins says. "Information on click rates, or views and taps can be important, but ultimately it's the sales lift data that's most valuable, and that's what we're delivering to our users," he adds.

Before AdHaven Bullseye included a multiscreen functionality, the solution only matched consumers' purchasing behavior to their mobile devices, but now takes PC and laptop activity into account as well. "We've taken our technology a step further by bring consumers' PC and laptop data into the mix. It's helping us paint a clearer picture for marketers by taking into account the multiple touchpoints that connect brands to consumers," Jenkins explains.

With better insight into how campaigns perform across additional channels, marketers can better customize advertisements for different devices. The AdHaven Bullseye MultiScreen technology allows marketers to deliver different messages to smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, adjusting each message to consumers' idiosyncrasies, including their patterns of interaction with that device or their stage in the sales funnel.

For 4INFO customers, the solution has already proven to be effective. Since launching AdHaven Bullseye, 4INFO's customers have seen up to a 600 percent return on their mobile ad spend. Jenkins discussed the campaign with CRM magazine, and shared his take on what makes the solution uniquely beneficial to 4INFO's client. For more on 4INFO and the company's AdHaven Bullseye solution, watch our video interview with CEO Tim Jenkins below.


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