• March 3, 2016

4INFO Partners with Crossix

4INFO, a provider of mobile attribution, is partnering with Crossix, a healthcare marketing analytics provider. Data from Crossix, combined with 4INFO's ability to match more than 300 million devices in more than 100 million U.S. homes, now enables pharmaceutical marketers to identify, reach, and engage with relevant health consumers on their mobile devices.

Crossix has developed predictive data models that combine information about prescription and over-the-counter medicines and medical data with consumer data, based on demographics, geography, and lifestyle factors. The modeled data can then be used to determine the consumer variables most closely correlated with specific health behaviors. At no time is the individual’s actual health data used for media targeting purposes, which ensures that consumer privacy is preserved.

"4INFO's partnership with Crossix gives healthcare marketers the vertical expertise they need to deliver reach, accuracy, and measurable return on ad spend in a privacy-protected manner," said Ken Mallon, chief product officer at 4INFO, in a statement. "This partnership allows them to accomplish that on the fastest growing media: mobile."

The solution also enables marketers to measure their mobile advertising based on the actual lift in direct-to-consumer driven sales. The data-driven direct link partnership between 4INFO and Crossix provides the following:

  • Accurate Targeting: 4INFO uses its unique, patented multiclustering method to link devices and people, using home address as a match key based on seeing devices over multiple days and times.
  • Audience Reach: With 4INFO's platform, companies can reach more than 95 percent of U.S. smartphone users across all of their mobile devices.
  • Meaningful Campaign Measurement: The 4INFO/Crossix partnership also enables pharmaceutical marketers to measure and optimize campaigns based on actual incremental lift in generated revenue. This is achieved through leveraging a true test versus control measurement approach.

"Despite its potential and reach, mobile remains a relatively untapped channel for pharma marketers," said Dan Stein, senior vice president of product strategy at Crossix, in a statement. "The exciting solutions we've developed with 4INFO give marketers more confidence than ever before that their relevant audiences can be reached efficiently through mobile with targeted scale, and the true impact of their campaigns can be understood through the most meaningful metrics."

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