You Don't Need a CRM Re-Launches as NoCRM.io

Billed as "the new alternative to CRMs," noCRM.io launched today with the goal of improving and simplifying the way small and midsized businesses manage the sales process. Initially launched at the end of 2013 under the name You Don’t Need a CRM, this latest incarnation of the solution focuses on lead management and aims to cut down on the number of forms users typically need to manage within CRM systems.

The solution organizes its prospecting lists like spreadsheets and allows users to edit data, write comments, launch calls, and turn prospects into leads with a single click. Additionally, users can assign qualified leads to themselves or their teams to begin moving them through the sales cycle.

Other features include the ability to set calendar-synchronized reminders, record and attach information using the comment section for access before calls and emails, create and customize pipelines for different products and services, and keep track of and prioritize leads through a tagging and star system, respectively. Moreover, the entire sales management process has just two actionable status options: to-do and standby.

"It may sound basic, but one of the core values of the product is that when you create a lead it is automatically a to-do, it says that you have to work on it now. You call the guy, you send him an email, whatever you want to do. Once you have done this, you put the lead on standby until the next follow-up, and when the time comes you will go back to it," says Sunny Paris, CEO of noCRM.io. "What it means is that you cannot have a lead inside the system without a next action—you cannot forget about the lead, you have to work on it now, or work on it in the next week, or the next two weeks, or even the next year, but there is always a next action.

"This is really important and the fact that we focus everything on the lead made our system much more simple," Paris adds. "[For us], CRM is more about…how we structure the data around your customers."

NoCRM.io also has a number of integrations, including with Google’s G Suite productivity apps, Intuit's QuickBooks accounting software, FreshBooks' accounting software, and Wufoo form builder software. It is a plug-and-play service priced on a per user per month model.

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